Genre: Comedy, Drama
Written and Directed by Steven Carl McCasland

What began as a fundraiser for The Beautiful Soup Theater Collective (a group of artists striving to revisit both classical and American classic theater) has emerged into an engaging evening of theater that follows the journeys of a Trekkie, a lonely art lover who fantasizes a friendship with Jackson Pollock, a stoner, a cheating husband and a remarkable young woman with blue hair. These one-act plays, BLACK (Billy Learns About Captain Kirk) and BLUE collide in a moment of joy - the sight of a Pollock: Autumn Rhythm, Number 30.

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About the Company: The Beautiful Soup Theater Collective

The Beautiful Soup Theater Collective was founded in the summer of 2010 by its Artistic Director, Steven Carl McCasland. McCasland, who founded Group Therapy Productions while a student at Pace University, has been directing in New York (Medea, A Streetcar Named Desire, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Antigone, Death of a Salesman, Hamlet, and others) since 2005. 

Beautiful Soup uses theater to bring to light our own struggles and create a dialog. Exploring new works and classics in innovative ways, stretching a shoe-string budget to create visually enchanting minimalist productions, the Collective honors a different charitable organization with each production. Often using the themes of the play or musical to select the benficiary, a portion of funds raised at the box office are donated to the chosen charity.

While serving the community, the Soup strives to bring light to all types of theater, new and old. Each season, the Collective presents: 
-one revival of a "lost" play
-one revival of a "lost" musical
-one classical play (typically Shakespearean or Greek)
-one play (comedy or drama) written after 1960 OR one new play
-one production for all ages 

Previous productions include: the criticaly acclaimed world premiere play neat & tidy, the first New York revival of A Doll's Life which ran in repertory with Ibsen's A Doll's House,BLACK [Billy Learns About Captain Kirk] & BLUE, William Shakespeare's HamletCrossing Brooklyn: a musical by Jenny Giering and Laura Harrington, The WSXR Players' Present Their June 7, 1944 Broadcast of William Shakespeare's TWELFTH NIGHT, or What You Will and Steven Carl McCasland's world premiere play, Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland).

Theater can be for the masses if we let it. With The Beautiful Soup Theater Collective, you can return to your roots and explore the boundaries of theater while continuing to serve your community. Learn more at

Cast: Benvolio Tomaiuolo, Kristen Vaphides, Matt Walsh, David Marx, Deanna DeCampos, Jacquelyn Jacobi, Clay Smith, Jennifer Spears, Chris Lacroix, Robin Fusco
Open:   08/19/10
Close:   08/21/10

Thurs, Fri, Sat - 8pm
Theater:   Manhattan Children's Theatre
Address:   52 White Street
New York, NY 10013
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Cost:$18 General/$15 Student or Call: at
Rory Allan Meditz Pete, Billy's nerdy brother

Rory Allan Meditz (Randy/Priest) is a graduate of Pace University and
has been a member of Beautiful Soup since its inception. Favorite
roles include Willy Loman (Death of a Salesman), Hamlet (Hamlet) and
Peter Evans (Bug).