Genre: Drama, Solo Performance
Written/Performed by: Jennifer S. Jones; Directed by: Jessica Lefkow

Buenos Aires, Argentina. March 24, 1976. A military coup overthrows the democratic government. Their goal is to crush any perceived “subversives”. In her home, Margarita waits for her 21-year-old daughter Rosa to return. But Rosa never returns.

Based on first hand interviews, this one woman-show tells the riveting tale of the voices of the Mothers of Argentina¸ Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo. Adorning different characters Ms. Jones presents a captivating picture of a woman’s struggle and growth as she moves from her role as wife and mother to that of political advocate. Wearing a white kerchief and carrying a photo of her missing daughter in her hands, Margarita marches every Thursday with other women like her. They circle the Plaza de Mayo, their voices representing hundreds of missing faces.

Open:   08/14/10
Close:   08/14/10

Saturday, August 14th @ 9:30 PM
Saturday, August 21st @ 12:00 PM
Monday, August 23rd @ 9:45 PM
Thursday, August 26th @ 5:00 PM
Friday, August 27th @ 5:45 PM
Theater:   Cherry Lane Theatre
Address:   38 Commerce St.
New York, NY 10014
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Cost:$15.00 in advance , $18.00 at the door
Buy Tickets Online or Call: FringeNYC at 212-279-4488