Genre: Classical, Comedy, Drama, Musical
Written by Paul J. Deakin & Christian De Gre, Directed by Nancy Robillard


Told through the eyes of a young and naïve, but talented village girl,Spellbound presents the pursuit of truth and inner courage, set in a world of wizards, witches, and warlocks. After the massacre of her village, Herianne embarks on a journey through a mystical land to rescue her family and fulfill her life-long ambition to become a Grand Wizard. Accompanied by her mentor and three “Teachers of the Scrolls,” Herianne must overcome the evil that enshrouds the land of Dragnor and confront the wickedness that seeks to devour her innate power. With time and a conspiring foe against her, Herianne is forced to choose relationships wisely as she completes her passage from adolescence to womanhood. In a final battle of good versus evil, events beyond her control make it clear to Herianne that great reward often comes at great sacrifice.

Spellbound addresses issues of equality, relationships, terrorism, greed, dictatorship, power, love and the importance of friendship and family. Metaphors for deceit, trust, poverty, wealth, choice and the idea of being isolated from the rest of the world are all vehicles used to highlight just some of the many trials of life in the world in which we live. And that all-important question to which many of us seek the answer, the forever wonderment of ‘Why?’ is presented... along with some possible answers from an alternative point of view!

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Book-Music-Lyrics: Paul J. Deakin & Christian De Gré
Director: Nancy Robillard
Music Director: Manny Simone
Producers: Mind The Art Entertainment in association with Robert R. Blume
Casting Director: Stephen DeAngelis
Sound Designer: Bernard Fox
Lighting Designer: Sarah Arnold
Set Designer: Robert Monaco
PR Agent: Les Schecter

Costume Designer: David Quinn

Fight Choreographer: Tom Flagg

Dance Choreographer: Kelli Gautreau

Poster Design: Paul Deakin

Media Design: Stephen Stocking



Ashley C. Williams as HERIANNE
*Martin Van Treuren as MASTER GARLAN
Aaron Schroeder as GREEME
*David Garry as The Goblin EGOR
*Antoinette DiPietropolo as The Night Elf BERSHA
Philip James as The Fire Wizard HELMIT
*Craig Waletzko as DARLAK
*Joanna Parson as SYLVIE
*Kristin Wetherington as the Dark Witch MELDAH
Joe Kurtz as the barman LARIUS
Joseph Reese as the Warlock ZORLACH
*Andrew Hartley as the Dwarf BALLYON and the SPIRIT DRUID FAERIUS
*Michael Barra as The Necromancer LORD KRUMAH
Clay Nelms as TALUS
Bradley Gale as RAMUS
Dana Glaus as CKERI
And featuring *Michael Iannucci as the DARK LORD ZELATOTH

*Actors appearing courtesy of AEA

About the Company: Mind The Art Entertainment

Mind The Art Entertainment is a New York City based collaborative arts & entertainment company whose mission is to promote, enhance, workshop, and produce new work and talent in the arts. It is a company firm on the belief that the modern arts, in all their varieties, should be used not just to entertain but also to inspire, teach, reach out, and enhance its own art form.

On the heels of successfully hosting the reception of the 55th Annual Drama Desk Awards and following a critically acclaimed run of three productions at La MaMa, E.T.C., Mind The Art Entertainment is teaming up with Robert R. Blume to produce Spellbound: A Musical Adventure written by Paul J. Deakin & Christian De Gré and The Timing of a Day written by Owen Panettieri at this years NY International Fringe Festival. 

Open:   08/15/10
Close:   08/27/10

SUN 8/15 @ 5:45-7:40
WED 8/18 @ 5:45-7:40
WED 8/25 @ 2:30-4:25
THUR 8/26 @ 7-8:55
FRI 8/27 @ 10:15-12:10
Theater:   La Mama (annex)
Address:   74A E. 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
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6 to Bleecker, walk east to Bowery, north to East 4th, east to theater

Buy Tickets Online or Call: FringeNYC at 212-279-4488
Company: Mind The Art Entertainment         Official Web Site: www.mindtheartentertainment.com