Genre: Drama
Written and Directed by Anthony M. Laura

AML Entertainment will present Stars, a new play by Anthony M. Laura, for three performances only, Wednesday – Friday, August 25-27, at Manhattan Repertory Theater. The production will be directed by Mr. Laura, with Katherine Booze-Mooney as Assistant Director.

Fran is a down on her luck actress who cannot seem to find the motivation or the "big" project to start working again. Steven is her agent, who has convinced quirky film director Lance to star her in his new western. Fran & Lance butt heads, leading to a confrontation that Steven must mend. Later that night, Lola enters Fran's house & their absurd conversation as total strangers, brings Fran to a revelation that was a long time coming.

Featured in the cast are Danielle Carroll, Coulby Jenkins, Lisa Rosado& Hanlon Smith-Dorsey.

Open:   08/25/10
Close:   08/27/10

Wed-Fri 8/25-8/27 at 7PM
Theater:   Manhattan Repertory Theatre
Address:   303 West 42nd Street
New York, NY
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Cost:$20 or Call: A.M.L Entertainment at (646) 329-6588
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