Genre: Drama
Written by Frank McGuinness, Directed by Robert Z Grant

In Lebanon, an American, an Englishman and an Irishman are abruptly taken from their work, their lives and the ones they love. Chained in a dark, isolated room there seems no escape from the enemies that terrorize them. In an absence of time they each struggle to make sense of their circumstances while they seek freedom. How is the value of a human life measured? And will the answer be enough for someone to finally be set free?

About the Company: The Collective

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Open:   06/17/10
Close:   08/08/10

June 17-20, July 15-18, August 5-8
THU @ 7pm; FRI, SAT @ 8pm; SUN @ 7pm
Theater:   East 4th Street Theatre
Address:   83 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
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Cost:$18 / FREE / pay-what-you-can
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Mike Houston Michael

MIKE HOUSTON* is excited and thankful for the opportunity to help bring this incredible, topical play to life again, and gives sincere thanks to Brian, Kevin, Jeff and Robert for their guidance and inspiration.  Theater: ME EQUALS THIS presented as part of the I.E.D. Series by The Collective, The Collective UPRISING Series, THE LEDGE (2007 NYITA for Outstanding Solo Performance). TV: "Brotherhood," "The Good Wife," "Mercy," "White Collar," "Gossip Girl," "Law & Order," "Law & Order: CI."  Film: I'M NOT ME (2011), ROCKSTEADY (2010), THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3. Thanks to everyone at Hartig Hilepo and of course to Dad, Sylvia, Tim and Keith for their constant support.

*Mike appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association.

Kevin Kane Edward

KEVIN KANE* is a graduate of the William Esper Studio where he studied with Bill Esper, Joel Rooks and Deb Jackel. He is a founding member of The Collective ( where he has acted in and directed numerous productions over the past few years.  He most recently appeared in their original productions of 360 and ME EQUALS THIS.  Other credits include HAMLET, WAITING FOR GODOT, MACBETH, NEVER TELL (NYCFringe), LIFE IN EXODUS, THE SHORT LIST (Court Theater).  TV: "One Life to Live", "Law and Order", "L&O SVU".  Film:  I'M NOT ME, A LONG ROAD, MY MOTHER'S FAIRY TALE, HOW I GOT LOST.

*Kevin appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association.

BRIAN LEIDER is a founding member of The Collective and a graduate of the William Esper Studio. Stage acting credits with The Collective: 360 – AN ORIGINAL ADAPTATION OF LA RONDE and ME EQUALS THIS. Writing credits include: FINGER NOISE and ME EQUALS THIS. Film credits include: I'M NOT ME, THE LOUISIANA CONVERSATION and SubteranNYa. Brian would like to thank all the members of The Collective for making this production and his performance possible. Like life, theater is a team game.