Genre: Classical, Drama
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directed by Adam Marple


The War of the Roses rages on! . . .

Revenge and Ambition  battle for the crown in this, the bloodiest chapter of the English Civil War. Part 3 stands on its own as an epic political struggle and (fans revel) tells the story or Shakespeare's most notorious monarch, Richard III.

Wide Eyed partners with the world-renowned Columbia University Directing MFA program in shining new light on the Bard of Avon’s infamous history cycle.

In the middle of the bloody maelstrom are two men with the forward momentum to take their country in wildly divergent directions. As one ascends to a higher state of existence no longer needing the trappings of a crown, the other descends to a dark and dangerous place where the crown is all that is visible in his sights.Cast List


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About the Company: Wide Eyed Productions

Wide Eyed Productions is a New York-based collective dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the creation of risk-taking, relevant theatre. Through a core ensemble committed to both the birth of contemporary works and the rebirth of classic texts, it is our goal through collaborative process to discover and create new theatre that stimulates the imagination and awakens the public's passion for high standards in performing arts.

Open:   07/01/10
Close:   07/24/10

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July 1, 2, 3 @ 8pm

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July 9 @ 8pm
July 10 @ 2pm & 8pm
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July 21 @ 8pm
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Shows run Wednesday- Saturday @ 8pm
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New York, NY
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