Genre: Other
richard hinojosa & jason griffith

The Outer Puppets is back!  This time our theme is HORROR!  This is the second episode of our puppet storytelling hour.  Three bizarre stories are told in  one night of live Puppet Theater with live music.  The first story, I Saw Your Monster Naked, finds two boys running for their lives from a parade of B Movie monsters.  They find many bizarre hiding places but in the end will they lose their innocence?  The next story, A Shadow’s Puppet, tells of a man’s descent into darkness after he discovers he has the ability to make things happen with his mind.  But who will be the one pulling the strings after he realizes that his shadow wants control of him and his ability. The final story, Whistling Jack, gives us four teenage girls telling ghost stories at a slumber party who get more than the expected when they summon an insane murderer from beyond the grave.

About the Company: SickLittle Productions

The Outer Puppets is brought to you by Sick Little Productions whose mission is to tell uncommon stories in unusual ways.

Open:   06/09/10
Close:   06/24/10

June 9th - 9:30
June 10th -10:30
June 23rd - 9:30
June 24th - 10:30
Theater:   Under St. Marks
Address:   94 St. Mark's Place
New York, NY
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Take the L train to 1st Avenue or the F train to 2nd Avenue

Cost:$10 or Call: at
Company: SickLittle Productions         Official Web Site: