Genre: Drama, Dance, Festival, Solo Performance, Other
Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble / Mayhem Poets

SCRATCH THAT! - Chalkboard Improv and Poetry

This night combines the talents of the multi-genre improvisation artists Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble and the internationally acclaimed performance versifiers Mayhem Poets, riffing on one of Glenn Beck's favorite props.

Before the show, the audience is invited to scribble objects, actions, individuals and an ideas on a Beck-style chalkboard to inspire the troupes to connect, no matter how far removed or unrelated they may be.

The Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble was founded in 1997 in NYC by Artistic/Producing Director, Leese Walker. Its mission is to promote empathy, free-thinking and greater social awareness through provocative theatre and educational outreach. Its work is guided by the words of Bertolt Brecht, "Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it." Performers collaborate through an ensemble-based, improvisational process to create politically-charged, original works that addresses socially relevant issues. The permanent ensemble is comprised of world-class musicians, dancers, visual artists and actors.

 The Mayhem Poets mission originated At Rutgers University in 2000, when Kyle Sutton (aka Black Skeptik) and Scott Tarazevits started an open-mic on campus called Verbal Mayhem. Their idea was to find a way to access people from all walks of life with spoken word. As a result they reached out to prisons, fraternities, churches, and hip hop/poetry fans alike to attract the most diverse poetry open-mic scene in the world. The spirit of Verbal Mayhem convinced the two young performers to craft a show and go on a mission to change peoples lives and reshape society's view of poetry. Always up to date with contemporary world issues, This one of a kind Tour de Force stays fresh no matter what the venue. From theatre festivals to Hip Hop or Rock concerts, Community events to Youth Education series, Mayhem is the future.  

Open:   06/15/10
Close:   06/15/10

8:00pm performance
Theater:   Brecht Forum
Address:   451 West St.
New York, NY
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Cost:$10 - 50
Buy Tickets Online or Call: Brecht Forum at 212-242-4201
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