Genre: Comedy, Other
Directed by Barbara Vann

NIZE BABY is a comic celebration of the brilliantly mangled English of immigrants in the Bronx in the 1920's.  At the time, the New Republic said that Milt Gross' accents were "all the more hilarious for being phonetically accurate."  Michael Chabon calls Gross "a lost wonder of the American literary funhouse."  Gross was extraordinarily popular in his day, and enthusiastically engaged the conventions of low genres like slapstick comedy, vaudeville, comic strips and silent comedies, which perhaps accounts for his slipping from the critical view; his work was, at times, as insanely inventive as James Joyce, as outrageous as Ionesco, but also resolutely populist.

Milt Gross, an extraordinarily popular humorist of the early 20th century, is now experiencing a revival as a profound influence on everything from Art Speigelman to Philip Roth to television comedy.  NIZE BABY was almost turned into a big budget movie in 1927, but Gross' anarchic surrealism resisted interpretation... until now.


About the Company: Medicine Show Theatre Ensemble

Is a Company of professional theatre artists dedicated to offering creative alternatives to conventional theatre by creating and presenting works that experiment with languge, music, movement, form and ideas, and meld the strengths of theatrical tradition with innovation. We offer provocative theater for professional theatergoers!

The works are chosen to delight the mind, honor creativity, confound empty convention, encourage active compassion and present the many facets of the American experience within a global community. We are committed to the belief in theater as an art form that inspires, challenges, questions and entertains. This commitment is reflected in our choice of repertory and the multi-ethnic composition of the Emsemble.

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