Genre: Classical
William Shakespeare; Amanda Bruton, Jenifer Kudulis, and Melinda Stewart

Shakespeare Gone Wild!

A Comedy, History and Tragedy performed in Rep:

Taming of the Shrew, Richard III, and MacBeth

We’re bringing BAWDY back!


Shakespeare Gone Wild!marks the first co-production of Spontaneous Shakespeare Players and WildBard.  In this production, the same company of players will be performing in all three shows—a Comedy, a History, and a Tragedy—thus giving the audience a taste of how Shakespeare’s plays would have originally been seen in Elizabethan times.  In Shakespeare’s day, theatre was the premier form of entertainment.  It was fun, competitive, and in-your-face.  It was full of audience interaction, bombastic bawdiness, and powerful performances.  All of the players involved in Shakespeare Gone Wild! are trained in Original Practice rehearsal techniques.  The forth wall has been knocked down and heady-realism has been kicked to the curb.  This is Shakespeare like you’ve never seen it before.  We’re bringing bawdy back.


Taming of the Shrew, Richard III and MacBeth have given us some of the richest and most dynamic characters in theatrical history.  In the raucous comedy of Taming of the Shrew, “Kate the Curst” wrestles physically with her “mad-brain rudesby” Petruchio, while they both wrestle with ridiculous ideas about love, marriage, and obedience. What does it take to tame a Shrew?  Love?   Money?  Violence?  Laughter.  Richard III destroys English lives to the delight of modern groundlings in this beloved History.  “Tricky Dick” tangles his victims into his manipulative web so he can rise to power.  Clearly, he is the epitome of the Villain that you’ll love to hate.  In the Tragedy of MacBeth, evil takes many forms, both natural and unnatural.  As the “Bloody, luxurious” MacBeth and his “fiend-like Queen” are tormented by their demons, Scotland falls to ruin; meanwhile, the Witches of the land are singing and working their wicked ways all the while.


See Shakespeare as it is meant to be experienced. Shakespeare Gone Wild! is making what was new in olden times feel fresh and new again for modern audiences.  And yes, we're bringing BAWDY back!

Open:   05/14/10
Close:   05/23/10

Friday, May 14th @ 5:30pm – MacBeth
Saturday, May 15th @ 2:00pm – Richard III
Sunday, May 16th @ 3:00pm – Taming of the Shrew Friday, May 21st @ 5:30pm – Taming of the Shrew
Saturday, May 22nd @ 2:00pm – MacBeth
Sunday, May 23rd @ 3:00pm – Richard III
Theater:   Central Park's Summit Rock
Address:   West 83rd Street & CPW
New York, NY
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