Genre: Drama

The Rising Sun Performance Company presents the main stage selection of their 9th season: The Last Supper, the New York City Stage Adaptation premiere of the 1995 film, by Dan Rosen. A dark and fiercly witty comedy set in a small Iowa town, the story follows a group of liberal grad students and their well-meaning descent into murder. After a dinner party goes wrong and their guest ends up unexpectedly slain after a violent political debate, the group decides that this can be their way of changing the world and making a difference.. one unreasonable conservative at a time. They begin inviting guests over for dinner and political discussion, if they can't change their guests mind through "intelligent" conversation and debate they end their lives "humanely' by poisoning them. With each dinner, and the bodies mounting the roommates relationships to one another and reality quickly begin to unravel. A funny and fanscinating look at human nature, conviction, creative gardening, politics and hypocrisy of the highest sort.

Artistic Director Akia (Hellcab, Good Night Lovin' Trail, NY It Awards, Blue Man Group) gathers an impressive cast and crew of over 40 NYC theatre artists, the show is double cast with 26 performers who will rotate throughout the 18 week run. The Last Supper will feature an original music score by film composer & Blue Man Group performer Christopher Bowen (9.99 & Jellyfish).

Featuring an Ensemble Cast: Michael Bernardi, J.L. Reed, David Anthony, Lindsay Beecher , Nicole Howard, Joe Beaudin, Larry Guttman, Anthony Mead, Marianna Guillen, Susan Burns, Erik Gullberg, Alexia Tate , Christopher Enright, Patrick J. Egan, Ariel Heller, Barry Kennedy, Jeff Ronan, Anastasia D. Peterson, Becky Sterling, Matt Riker, Michael McManus, Michael Jones, April E. Bennett, Ben Friesen , Jessica Ritacco & Leal Vona

Stage Manager: Alexandra Duerr
Direction Team: Akia, Tiffany Hogan, Kelly Hawkins, Turner Smith (Fight Direction), Matthew Kreiner (Media),
Production Team: Akia, Tiffini Minatel, David Anthony, Nick Micozzi, & Lindsay Beecher
Design Team: Tiffni Minatel (Costumes), Dan Jobbins (Lighting), Christopher Bowen (Music Score), Ryan Kilcourse (Sound), Jak Prince (Set)

*This show is not recommended for those under 13 yrs.


Length: 1 hr 35 mins
Intermission: None

Open:   04/22/10
Close:   06/30/10

Theater:   Red Room
Address:   85 E. 4th St.
New York, NY 10003
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Subway Info: Take the F or V trains to 2nd Avenue or the 6 train to Astor Place

Cost:Full Price $18.00, Students $15.00, Seniors $15.00
Buy Tickets Online or Call: SmartTix at 212-868-4444