Genre: Comedy, Solo Performance
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Yamamoto Noritoshi

Japan Society welcomes the Yamamoto Kyogen Company in a presentation of two classic kyogen tales, Shido Hogaku (Stop in Your Tracks) and Tsukimi Zato (Moon-viewing Blind Man).   

Shido Hogaku (Stop in Your Tracks) is the classic kyogen tale of a master-servant relationship turned on its head.  When a servant is sent by his callous master on a shameful errand, in his spite, the servant vows to get his revenge.  Hijinks ensue as the two engage in a riotous reversal of station, with the servant getting the last laugh. 

Tsukimi Zato (Moon-viewing Blind Man) is a farce in which a blind man meets a passerby on the road while enjoying a full moon and quickly becomes the object of a cruel trick perpetrated by the stranger.




Open:   03/26/10
Close:   03/28/10

Friday, March 26 & Saturday, March 27 at 7:30 PM with a matinee performance on Sunday, March 28 at 2:00 PM.
Theater:   Japan Society
Address:   333 EAST 47th STREET
New York, NY
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333 East 47th Street between First & Second Avenues

Cost:$45/$40 Japan Society members
Buy Tickets Online or Call: Japan Society at (212) 715-1258