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On Wednesday, April 21, 2010, the Downtown Urban Theater Festival (DUTF) returns for an 8th season, presenting 12 new theatrical works, for the first time at the historic Theater For The New City in East Village, Manhattan. A highlight of the festival will be a theatrical preview of Lessons on the A Train, a new off-Broadway musical under development by DUTF and directed by Reg E. Gaines, the Tony and Grammy-nominated writer of Bring in da Noise Bring in da Funk.

Wednesday, April 21OPENING NIGHT

Promise Tomorrow Today by Lawrence Dial

AlphabetCity, Avenue D. The winter of 2001-02. A historic hip-hop on-air radio battle: Jay-Z vs. Nas. Witness a fractious reunion between a would-be rapper, his reluctant friend, and in between, a troubled young hustler who can’t remember where her days went.

Thursday, April 22—DOUBLE FEATURE

Museum Piece By William Fowkes

A disruptive incident at MoMA brings three strangers together one Saturday afternoon. In this comedic tale, they are drawn to the museum for very different reasons and have oddly different experiences once they get there, leading to the unavoidable conclusion.


Making Moves By Dina Laura

It’s never too late to get to know your roommate... even after you’ve already been kicked out of the apartment. Dawn and Nicole are two strangers who share the same address, but come from different worlds. See what happens when two people are forced to confront themselves, their relationships and an overweight cat with an anxiety disorder.

Friday, April 23—DOUBLE FEATURE

Piñero Resurrected By Michele Cuomo & Ian Gonzalez Phillips

Lying in a hospital bed during the final hours of his life, legendary poet Miguel Piñero suddenly finds himself transported back to the Lower East Side. This time he’s not there to be Saint Miguelito, patron saint of lost junkies and cons, but just Miguel.


Confessions of a Homo Thug Porn Star By James Earl Hardy

What’s it like being the world’s most revered and recognizable “homo thug” porn star? During a break on a movie set, Brooklyn born and bred Tiger Tyson bares his soul – and his skin – to a reporter.

Saturday, April 24

VII Deadly Sins By Kash Goins

A story about a group of college friends who reunite for the first time in 10 years. At the hosts' brand new home, during a moment of pre-celebration between two of the friends, an unexpected violation occurs prior to the rest of the group's arrival that leads to the revelation and reaction to what has occurred; and what undoubtedly follows.

Wednesday April 28

The Choice By Riccardo Costa

Tom is about to make the hardest decision of his life--in a matter of survival, he’s cast against his will in therole of God. Who deserves salvation? And who’s already been saved? Tearing apart one another’s lives will drive Tom and his guests to a conclusion that none expected.

Thursday April 29—DOUBLE FEATURE

After-Loss By Mel Nieves

Dealing with the loss of his beloved wife, a man struggles as he contemplates whether another morning without her is worth seeing.


Waiting For The D By Lina Sarrello

An abstract, and sometimes, comical view of the mystery of death. Taking place on a night like any other, on a New York City subway platform; four people from different walks of life cross each other’s paths, causing moments of mystery, tenderness, and utter chaos.

Friday April 30—DOUBLE FEATURE

Glass By Imran Javaid

An in-depth exploration of the political failures and aspirations of a nation “much like Pakistan” through the humorous lens of an idealistic newsroom that is surrounded by unremitting violence but finds inspiration in a nascent movement led by the nation’s lawyers for the rule of law.


Chakalaka By Cesi Davidson

Taking place on the present day anniversary of the death of the great composer Vivaldi, Annie, an African American/Italian Studies scholar visits her local 24-hour supermarket Chakalaka. Helped by the cashiers to release the memories that have prevented her from moving on with her life, the market becomes the catalyst for Annie, a rape victim.

Saturday May 1

And You Don’t Stop By Nicole Kearney

A hip hop parable that sets a trio at a crossroads when they discover that a record label that has showninterest really only wants one of them, Supreme, the emcee. Unknown to him, the label plans to pervert his image. He unwillingly goes on a journey guided by the messenger and the four elements of hip hop to help him regain his self and return to his hip hop roots.


Saturday, April 24 @ 3:00pm and 6:00pm, Theater for the New City

Lessons on the A Train

Lessons On The A Train is an original coming-of-age story about a group of urban teenagers growing up in modern day NYC. It’s put in motion one day on the A subway train where Bronx girls, Julissa and Lyria, find freedom to explore life choices when they encounter the candy-toting Raheim. *This event is open and free to the public. Space is limited, so RSVP to

About the Company: Downtown Urban Theater Festival

The Downtown Urban Theater Festival's mission is to:

Promote diversity in theater by showcasing urban theatrical expression;

Foster the development of new works by a cross section of artists whose work is under-represented;

Present theatrical works that provide a vibrant creative current that will make itself felt;

Expand the horizons for both urban theater artists and their audiences who might not otherwise see these works; and

Cultivate new urban audiences by making theater more affordable and accessible.

Open:   04/21/10
Close:   05/01/10

All show times are 8:00pm

"Lessons on the A Train" will be held on April 24 at 3:00pm and 6:00pm

Theater:   Theater For The New City
Address:   155 First Avenue
New York, NY 10009
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