Genre: Dance, Other
Written and Directed by Jennifer Goodlander

Scorned in one life - a woman seeks revenge in the next!

Abducted and shamed, a beautiful princess demands that her captor Bisma make things right. He shoots an arrow, hoping to scare her away, but the arrow strikes and kills her. As she dies, she vows to return in her next life and avenge this wrong. Srikandi is born a woman but trains as a warrior. Armed with a bow and arrow, she goes to war. But, in battle Bisma has been undefeated!  Only Srikandi holds the arrow that will bring him down.

Taken from the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata, the production uses Balinese wayang kulit, or shadow puppetry, combined with music, dance, and video. Ornate two-dimensional puppets bring to life a story of love and war that points to a mythical past while connecting to a digital future. Wayang kulit is the ideal medium for this story as shadow puppets are at once solid and ethereal; present and connected to the past. They are the uncanny simulacrum of our daily experience, a tale of reinventing the self, a story of transformation and courage.

Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Tina M. Cox

Light Design: David Monroy

Ensemble Cast And Dancers: Jennifer Goodlander, Hiroko Tanaka

About the Company: Looking Glass Theatre

Reflecting Life on the Stage with Truth and Theatricality While Exploring a Female Vision and Creating a Community of Artistic Freedom

Our goal is to create a community of artistic freedom: freedom from the pressure to be commercial, freedom from gender expectations and freedom from judgment. We believe this is the way to bring our audience aesthetic bliss. Supporting inspiration without expectations gets creative juices flowing. This pure creative energy then creates the purest entertainment.

Open:   03/19/10
Close:   03/27/10

Friday & Saturday @ 8 p.m. ONLY
Theater:   Looking Glass Theatre
Address:   422 W 57th St
New York, NY 10019
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Cost:$18 general admission
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