Genre: Kids
Written by Emily Paul, Directed by Rose Ginsberg

Back by popular demand!

Katie is always getting into trouble for playing tricks! But then, she meets the greatest trickster of them all: Anansi the Spider, the African god of storytelling. When Katie peeks into Anansi's magical box of stories, three ancient myths escape from the box! Katie and Anansi travel through the missing myths, from Viking halls to the Imperial palaces of Japan, trying to recover the stories from the clever characters of Norse, Japanese, and African folklore. But will Katie find all the stories before they are lost forever!

Ready, Set, Story!captures the sense of wonder and excitement children find in their favorite myths, as well as the stories’ incredible imaginative power. Who doesn’t recall spending hours poring over tales of enchanted animals, bickering gods and goddesses, and brave heroes (and heroines!) on impossible quests? Clever tricksters who don’t look like much, but always manage to outsmart even the scariest monsters? These folktales are epic yet familiar, magical yet human, ancient yet totally alive, and children simply can’t get enough of them. And while the stories have been told for centuries, each new listener envisions them in his or her own unique way. This play uses movement, voice work, and playful costumes to bring mythical characters vividly to life, inviting audiences of all ages to explore their amazing, delightful worlds. As Anansi the Spider says, “Ready, Set... Story!”

Featuring an energetic ensemble, this diverse cast tackles different myths and their many characters. Melissa Sussman (Katie) and Stacy Osei-Kuffour (Anansi) lead the standout ensemble, which also features Vinny DiCristo, Stephen Ehrlich, Amanda Hopper, Anthony LaBresco and Stefanie Tara portraying almost 20 different roles.

Creative team includes: Melinda Prom (Assistant Director/Stage Manager), Theresa Rivera (Scenic Designer), David Monroy (Lighting Designer) and Rachel Soll (Costume Designer).

About the Company: Looking Glass Theatre

Reflecting Life on the Stage with Truth and Theatricality While Exploring a Female Vision and Creating a Community of Artistic Freedom

Our goal is to create a community of artistic freedom: freedom from the pressure to be commercial, freedom from gender expectations and freedom from judgment. We believe this is the way to bring our audience aesthetic bliss. Supporting inspiration without expectations gets creative juices flowing. This pure creative energy then creates the purest entertainment.

Open:   03/13/10
Close:   04/25/10

Saturday @ 12pm & 2pm, Sunday @ 2pm & 4pm
No shows April 4!
Theater:   Looking Glass Theatre
Address:   422 W 57th St
New York, NY 10019
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Cost:$15 Adults, $12 children 12 and under
Buy Tickets Online or Call: Ovation Tickets at 866-811-4111
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