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Miss Angel Drake presents a fabulous evening of singers spilling the goods on their messy breakups!


Ten fantastic singers will each sing their best breakup song, and then each will be interviewed by THE Miss Angel Drake, "Songstress and Survivor of the Blues."

Cast: Julia Giolzetti-Vocalist
Open:   03/03/10
Close:   03/03/10

Theater:   Wings Theatre
Address:   154 Christopher Street
New York, NY 10014
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Closest subway: 1, 9 to Christopher Street, west on Christopher Street several blocks to theatre

Cost:$15, $10 student
Buy Tickets Online or Call: at 212-627-2961
Presented by: Wings Theatre Company         Official Web Site:

Miss Angel Drake is known as "Songstress and Survivor of the Blues" and has been in show business since her youth in Augusta, Georgia, where her first brush with fame came with her first love, James Brown. "I used to carry him sweet potato pie when he was in jail the FIRST time. I was around fifteen then."

Her career went on to include being lead singer for the girl group she founded and gave her own name to, The Angels. With Miss Drake on lead vocals they had a hit with "My Boyfriend's Back" until her scandalous affair with a Washington Senator violated a morals clause in her record contract and she was unceremoniously dropped from the group. She found herself in jazz clubs in the New York's West Village and soon fell head over heels for the monologist, Lord Buckley. She still credits him with many of her ideas about life, love and the world we live in-though he broke her heart when he chose his wife over her.

Soon she bounced back, signing a studio contract with a Hollywood TV Studio hoping to groom her into the next Joey Heatherton. Instead she was cast as female yeomen #5 on a new TV series, Star Trek, and soon began a wild affair with the show's star, William Shatner. Soon she helped him on his own music project, "Bill Shatner Sings".

Currently Miss Drake is at work on her unauthorized autobiography, "Portrait of a Sinner" in which she gives even more details about her life and loves including , Rev. Al Green, Janis Joplin, Lola Falana, and many more. She has hosted many Burlesque Shows for Surf Reality, a Country Blues night at Banjo Jim's and is pleased to be working with Zephyer Rep on this night of Heartbreak songs. She has been there, done that and got all the tee shirts so she will be there for all the performers.

Linda Hill, whose show Big City Hick is extended through this weekend right here in this theatre is honored to have the privilege of bringing Miss Angel Drake back to the city for her first show with Zephyer Rep. Now that the lawsuit is settled, Hill was able to lift the restraining order and hope they could once again work together, since they first shared a stage in San Francisco.

• Some people march to the beat of a different drummer.
Sammo has his own marching band.

• Musician /singer /writer /poet /comedian who lives to entertain people.

• Sammo is a New Yorker. Born in Queens, grew up on Long Island, residing in Brooklyn.

• Has twenty-plus years of experience making music yet goes about his work with the hunger and enthusiasm of a kid who just plugged in his first electric guitar on Christmas morning.

• Six foot three and worth the climb.

• He dresses loud and sings even louder. Vocally Sammo strives to marry Little Richard’s unmitigated primal joy with the perennial heartbreak of Hank Williams’ falsetto.

• An Existentialist who feels that life is just “time stalking a baby” so he treats every performance as if it were his last night on earth.

• If you’re tired of rehashed Hallmark card song lyrics he’s your man.

• Scored Carolina Santiago’s documentary film “Aloha NY,” screened at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

• Won WNYC (National Public Radio) 2008 songwriting contest with submission, “Che Guevara Monday.”

• Wrote and performed Sam’s Roamin’ Cadillac Church of the Enjoy Life Sciences & All Jake with the Angels at NYC’s Ensemble Studio Theater; one-man shows best described as Musical Theater for People Who Hate Musical Theater.

• Composed and performed music score for Bryan Goluboff’s Off-Broadway play Hey Buddy!

• Poetry slams at the Nuyorican Poets Café in NYC: Been there, won ‘em.

• Composed music for Marquis Jet commercial which aired during the 2009 Superbowl.

• In 2009, recorded and released Vagabondage, a collection of mutated Americana with a pop bent, recorded in his Brooklyn bedroom studio, Le Flatbush Boudoir. Vagabondage is currently receiving national and international airplay on Internet and radio.

• Currently in the throes of a love affair with his National Steel guitars. Playing the same resonator guitars as his blues idols makes Sammo feel like he has been “handed the torch”: every time he plays, he feels obligated to add more fuel to the fire.

• One of his fans wrote this about him on a bar napkin:
“You’re like a one-man Led Zeppelin but without the Dungeons & Dragons lyrics and instead of touring in a private jet, Jimmy Page drives a little yellow bus and parks in the handicapped spaces.
(Dude I drank like eight PBRs during your set!)”

- Chris Baginski, Queens, NY

• “A veritable cesspool of talent,” he remains painfully aware of his shortcomings. The fact is, blowing sunshine up his own skirt to write this bio made him throw up in his mouth a little.*

* I’ve also heard the phrase “burping up sour” to describe this phenomenon.


Sarah Lucie graduated in May from Boston College with a Bachelor of the Arts in Theater and English. She also studied Shakespeare in London at the British American Drama Academy and toured Rome and Ireland with the Boston College Chorale. Some notable recent productions include An Experiment with an Airpump (Susannah/Ellen), Angels in America (Angel/Emily), The Comedy of Errors (Dromio of Syracuse), and Sweet Charity.

Lauren McLaughlin graduated in May from Boston College with a dual major in Theatre and Human Development. Her most recent projects include Songs For A New World with Mary-Mitchell Campbell benefiting ASTEP and Fight Like a Girl directed by Michelle Miller.

Paloma Pilar’s singing style is a mixture of many genres in one. Her soulful, rhythmic, gentle yet powerful sound penetrates and resonates throughout your body and soul! She is abundant in love for family, music, theatre, film, art and dance. With a passion for singing and writing she endeavors to reach out and touch the world with her gift of song! A recent graduate of The Barrow Group Theatre’s Acting Conservatory and active modern dancer, she is the embodiment of a true “Performing Artist”!

Hear more of and about Paloma Pilar at www.palomapilarmusic.

A multi-talented performer, Actor/Singer/Songwriter/Instrumentalist/Musical Director/Etc. Ari Jacobson wears many hats. After graduating from UMass Amherst and moving to NYC, one of his first (and still favorite) roles was Floyd Allen in Phare Play Productions' Dark of the Moon. Since then, he's worked professionally both onstage and on-camera, touring the country with The American Shakespeare Center and starring in several short films and industrials. Favorite roles include Matt Saldarelli in Getting Even with Shakespeare, Stephen in Line (Off-Off-Broadway's longest running show), and of course his epic debut at the age of 6, playing the title role in Ibsen's A Doll's House.

Dylan Bandy is known as "the intellectual man's hottie" by... no one. yet.

Recent projects include The Waiting Room, a new opera by Lorena Orozco, Us: A Peter Gabriel Musical, Lesbian Love Octagon: A Musical Comedy about Dyke Drama at the Hot! Festival, and film projects include "Your Heart is My Piñata", "The Crab", and Dylan is currenlty developing a podcast and cabaret. Look for updates on

Kate Sheehan is so excited to sing her broken heart out in Angel Drake’s Cabaret! She is a recent graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and now spends her time doing stand up comedy, performing in Off-Off-Broadway plays and musicals, casting/writing/acting in films, and making no money at all. Past performances include Sycamore in The Unseen Hand (Lee Strasberg Institute), Lydia in "Stepsisters" (short film), and the cousin in the upcoming feature film "The Hole in the Wall". Past boyfriends include John “I’m Too Sensitive and Artistic for a Girlfriend” Peters, Mark “I’m Only Into You When You’re Dating Someone Else” Moore, and Eric “I Have Three Bodies Under the Floorboards of My Apartment” Smith. Note: boyfriends’ names have been changed to ensure Douche Privacy.

Julia Giolzetti learned how to play the guitar by watching her grandpa and cousins work it out to country music as a teenager. Her experience as a guitarist has been performing reluctantly for family on Christmas Day, once at an alumni reunion for her youth theater group, and often as the token "douche playing guitar at the party" at NYU. Her most recent acting gig was as the very-cheated-on Mabel Purdie in Dear Brutus last week on this very stage. Elsewhere she has played a 12-year-old lesbian, a conflicted party girl, a dead fast food employee, and Henry V's hapless Boy. You may have seen two seconds of her in Bank of America's MLB banking commercials doing what she does best--being a goof. She dedicates this performance to her long-suffering boyfriend, Jason, and all the messy exes that came before him, may they rest in peace.