Genre: Solo Performance, Other

Lovesphere 15, the fifteenth installment of a projected 67 year celebration of the Vernal Equinox, will feature SHELLY'S SPHERICAL JOURNEY - a multimedia performance work-in-progress by Cassandra
Weston, Andi Stover and Gary Heidt. 

SHELLY'S SPHERICAL JOURNEY, the climax of this year's Lovesphere,  is a solo show starring the multi-talented Cassandra Weston (Resistance Theater, "Impossible Interviews,")  who trained at Lecoq (Paris).  

SHELLY'S SPHERICAL JOURNEY tells the story of Shelly, a Circassian-American woman, who works in a motel which she inherited in Framingham, Massachuttses. Referencing Adyghe music and dance, finger-tutting, vaudeville and Framingham's famous Shopper's World, one of the nation's first malls, SHELLY'S SPHERICAL JOURNEY will spin you right round like a record, baby.

Lovesphere, a 67-year event, has taken place every Vernal Equinox since 1995, broadcast on Mezamishi (Alarm Clock) in Japan & the pioneer in video streaming, venues including ABC No
Rio, Resistance Theater, CBGB's, Theater for the New City, Medicine Show Theater, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, the Zipper and Pianos. It began in 1995 with a performance of the Mammals of Zod and the Gametones at Exit Art in Soho on the Vernal Equinox, and has since spiraled completely out of control.  The plan is to present a Lovesphere event every Vernal Equinox until 2061. This is the 15th year.

Open:   03/23/10
Close:   03/23/10

March 23, 8:00pm
Theater:   Theater for the New City
Address:   155 First Avenue
New York,
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Cost:$10 or Call: at 212-254-1109