Genre: Drama
the Pulitzer Prize winning play by Margaret Edson, Directed by Alvaro Sena

'W;t' by Margaret Edson, is a play that asks us to question the way we live our lives, the choices we make and the relationships we form. It presents us with Vivian, a woman forced to evaluate her life as she faces her death. Having focused her whole life on the academic analysis of the poetry of John Donne, Vivian realises that she has not achieved in her life what Donne has accomplished in his poetry; the harmonious unification of ‘wit’ (intelligence) and emotion. In the final stages of her life, Vivian begins to realise that having lived her life focused on the intellect, emotional and meaningful connections with others is what she now longs for to provide her with the comfort her ‘wit’ cannot.

About the Company: Nicu's Spoon, Inc.
Founded in early 2001, Nicu’s Spoon is dedicated to producing socially reflective theatre that innovatively challenges stereotypes, and touches the heart in an unexpected way. We are the central theater group in New York City who acts as a home for all - differing colors, abilities, ages, genders, and abilities. We celebrate collaboration in developing productions that are pertinent to today’s global, diverse and rapidly changing world. New York City is full of people who are on the move and unheard, in every skin imaginable. We are committed to involving the spectrum of diverse and multi-abled voices in play selection, programs & internships, our artistic, production and volunteer staffs, and in our audience. Each play involves the rainbow we see around us on the streets of NYC. We see only possibilities and intend to change our perception of the world, one play at a time….

Open:   04/07/10
Close:   04/25/10

Wed-sat at 8
sundays at 2pm
shows on sunday the 18th and 25th are interpreted into ASL
Theater:   Spoon Theater
Address:   38 West 38th Street
New York, NY 10018
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Stephanie has a doctorate in Business Administration from Somerset University in England and a BFA in Theater from the California Institute of the Arts. Favorite acting roles include Nuclear Family and Talk Show (both Off-Broadway), Jenny Diver in Threepenny Opera, Gwen in Fifth of July, Josie in Steaming and her shows with Nicu’s Spoon, ‘The Swan’, ‘Skin Tight’ and ‘Elizabeth Rex’ for which she won the 2008 NY Innovative Theatre Award for Best Actress in a lead role, playing Queen Elizabeth I in both the off-off and Off Broadway Premieres. She is a member of AEA, SAFD and SAG. When she has time to study she studies with Tom Noonan (tomnoonan.com). She is also a wife and the mom of a lovely daughter. She has been in the films ‘Sleepy Time Gal’ (finalist in 2008 at Sundance), ‘Backward Looks, Far Corners’, ‘Sour Times’ with Media at Large as well as ‘Finding’ in NYC. She is also seen in (Untitled). She is represented by Eileen Haves at ACME Talent 212-249-0033 and her voice over demos can be heard at http://stephaniebartonfarcas.voice123.com.

Born and raised in the Bronx Sammy has been performing since the first grade. Through out elementary school Sammy has performed in the school’s yearly Christmas shows with his biggest role as Hansel in the play Hansel and Gretal. Once in high school Sammy began performing in their yearly spring play and talent shows. After graduating from high school Sammy stopped acting and got his associates in multi media programming. In 2006 Sammy was asked to perform for Positive Exposures where he performed in two scenes and did a monologue. At this point Sammy realized how much acting meant to him and started taking classes at HB Studio. In October of 2007 Sammy was a part of New York’s premier haunted house Blood Manor where he played a crazy inmate. Sammy is currently taking acting classes with Nicu’s Spoon and played  the role of The Bear in ‘Elizabeth Rex' both in the off-off and the Off Broadway Premiere. He was also seen in the Spoons 'Tibet Does Not Exist' as well as 'Rumplestiltskin'.

Rebecca is proud to be a member of Nicu’s Spoon! Past credits include the lead in the Fall 2008 show-a World Premiere of ‘Kite Cut Loose in the Middle of the Sky’ playing Rosie,a quadraplegic. Various other roles in Nicu’s Spoon productions include Maeve in 'Cherish' by Ken Duncum, Cathy in Constance Congdon's 'Tales of the Lost Formicans' and Elizabeth in Shakespeare's 'Richard III'. She was also seen in both the off-off and Off-Broadway runs of ‘Elizabeth Rex' as Kate Tardwell. Rebecca also performed the role of Nell in the New York Premiere of Tom Stoppard’s 'Indian Ink' with Alterego Productions. A native Texan, Rebecca had the privilege of studying at Texas State University in San Marcos under the tutelage of the late, great Larry Hovis. She also spent four summers as a cast member in the Texas Shakespeare Festival. She was last seen in the Spoon's 'Hiding Behind Comets' as Honey.

Oliver Conant is a Manhattan based actor and dramaturg with an academic background in English literature who has taught English, Humanities, Shakespeare and Acting at colleges and universities and in private and public schools in New York and New Jersey. For Nicu’s Spoon, Oliver played Luddy Beddowes in both the initial and the Off-Broadway run of Elizabeth Rex. He also worked with the Spoon in 'Tibet Does Not Exist', 'Hiding Behind Comets' and '23 Coins'.

Last shows with the Spoon have been '23 Coins' ‘Kosher Harry’. Most recently seen as Dolly in ‘Expressing Willy’ for Women Seeking’ Previous role with Nicu’s Spoon “ Halie in ‘Buried Child’. Has performed in many off-off-Broadway productions from classical to new works with Emerging Artists, Aurora Stage Co. and off-Broadway with National Music Theatre Network, York Theatre Co. Summer Theatre roles include Mrs. Boyle in ‘The Mousetrap’, M’Lynn in ‘Steel Magnolias’ & Mrs. Krantz Mccarthy in ‘Red Herring’ and Reba in ‘The Last Night at Ballyhoo’. Regional & National voice overs and on camera commercials. Daytime drama ‘“ ‘Another World’, ‘One Life to Live’, The Guiding Light, ‘All my Children’.

Phrannie Lyons comes to us from the thick jungles of Puerto Rico, years after having sated the natives by performing in National Forensics League and theater. In order to build enough character and suffering for her future as an actor, she hastily acquired a degree in philosophy from the University of Chicago. Educated and predictably unable to afford psychiatry, she found more holistic therapy in a politically incorrect experimental theater in Madison, Wisconsin called Broom Street Theater (sensibly not located on Broom Street). Recently deemed certifiable after 2 years of institutionalization at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, Phrannie is thrilled the authorities haven't caught up to her so she could return once more to the Nicu's Spoon stage.

Michael Abourizk is thrilled to be back with the Spoon after appearing in their production of 'W;t' (ensemble, u/s Jason), as well as in 'Beautiful Thing'.  Michael created the role of "Shay" in the world premiere of Butch Mamas! and recently put his bilingualism to use playing a French-speaking "Madame" in Jean Genet's The Maids, both at the WOW Cafe Theater. Other New York theatre credits include Hamlet (Hamlet), The Eight Reindeer Monologues (Cupid), Save My Brother (the Palestinian), The First Cigarette at the Provincetown Playhouse, Rumplestiltskin (King), and Kafka Parables (Franz Kafka). He is a Milo Award-winner for the Park Road Playhouse's The Lion in Winter in which he portrayed "John." He is a graduate of New York University.  Eternal thanks to Michelle, Stephanie, and Phillip; and thank you Mom & Dad for being the beautiful things in my life.

Anouk grew up with a Swiss father and a Spanish mother in a farming community in Switzerland. She attended King's College of London and La Sorbonne Universities where she obtained 2 law degrees in 4 years. She then came to NYC and settled down into rapidly climbing the ladder in the legal profession. Taking classes at the Neighborhood Playhouse she became an outstanding student of Jim Brill's and has been in various films like 'Open Door', '15 Waffles' and 'Pardon my French' and most recently the title role in 'The Year of Agnes'. She has also been in the Off-off Broadway play 'Happy Hours' and makes her company debut with us in 'W;t'.

William (Billy) Reid is a native of Milford Connecticut and is a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College holding a bachelor of fine arts and a minor in business. He also attended the 'Midsummer in Oxford' program through the British Academy of Dramatic Art. Recent credits include Midsummer Nights Dream (AML Entertainment) and the independent film The One you Marry (Riverwide Productions). This is Billys second show with nicu's spoon and is very excited to be on board.