Genre: Drama
by Linda Nieves-Powell, Directed by Timothy J. Amrhein

Six “Latina” women of differing backgrounds meet in a classroom that becomes a forum for their life experiences, fears and dreams. This moving comedy/drama features a fascinating and diverse ensemble of Latinas and challenges perceptions of homogenization and cultural stereotypes. Immediately following the March 25 performance, please join us for a panel discussion with playwright Linda Nieves-Powell and other Latina artists as they discuss "Latinas in the Arts".

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Open:   03/19/10
Close:   03/25/10

March 19 at 4pm
March 20 at 8pm
March 21 at 3pm
March 23 at 12noon
March 25 at 6pm
Theater:   York College Little Theatre, Performing
Address:   94-45 Guy R. Brewer Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11451
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Cost:$5.00 with valid College ID; $7.00 General Admission or Call: at
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Josmerly Carreno Lisette Davila Rivera #1

 Is a lower senior at York College majoring in Social Work with a minor in Theater Arts. She has been working as a backstage crew member on York College Theatre productions since her freshman year and has written three plays: one of which won her first place; another for Brooklyn College; and another one for which she gained recognition and a chance to meet with television editors and fellow authors. She enjoys reading books relating to the Holocaust and plans to write a play about the topic in the near future. After graduation, Josmerly plans to continue her career as a social worker and would like to own a day care center as well. She would also like to continue to pursue her interest in playwriting and work on many more theater productions. Theater is her passion and working with children is what she loves to do. “In life you can do whatever you want. You choose to do so or just be lazy.”

Francis Madi Lisette Davila Rivera #2

is graduating in Anthropology and Theatre-Drama from CUNY-Queens Colege. Originally from Venezuela, some of her previous credits include: Istwa! (also performed during the 2011 NY Fringe Festival), Yo Soy Latina as Lisette Davila Rivera, Last Days of Judas IscariotAnna in the Tropicsas Conchita (all at York College) and Bonafide Women (Off-off Broadway). Her improv and acting education was under Sarah Schilling, Timothy Amrhein and Tom Marion from York College. La Luz de un Cigarrillo would be her first production in Spanish.

Yociel Ortiz Lisette Davila Rivera #2

 Is an upper junior majoring in Psychology and her first time acting in a York College Theatre production. She has always loved acting, but had never had the change to be in a play. For Yociel, acting is something that she always wanted to do and has found that opportunity with this play. She has previously performed at York College with the Latin Caucus Club; dancing Spanish music like Merengue. The Club represents all the Latin/Hispanic cultures at York College. In the future, she hopes to be involved in more plays and she believes that we all have a purpose in life…it is just a matter of finding it.

Franchesca Guzman Soledad Tejeda

 Is an upper sophomore at Queens College majoring in Business Finance. This is Franchesca’s first time acting in a York College Theatre production. She received her Associates in Business Administration at LaGuardia Community College this past fall. Franchesca was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and came to New York on 2004. She loves to dance and hang out with friends and hopes to gain confidence. “Who loves you, doesn’t make you cry”.

Nancy Tapanes Migdalia Rivera

 Is a lower sophomore at York College majoring in Marketing with a minor in Theatre Arts. This is Nancy's first time appearing on the York College stage, however, she has always enjoyed acting and looks forward to it in the future. Nancy plans to transfer to Queens College to pursue her career and play volleyball. She believes that sometimes in life we take things too serious, but there is point where we realize that we only live once.

Diana Huacause Jennifer Barriquena

 Is a Sophmore at York College majoring in English with a minor in Education. This will be Diana’s first performance on the York College stage. She discovered that acting is another option to escape the real world, aside from her passion for writing.

Luz Chavarrio Alicia Blanca

 Is a lower senior at York College majoring in Marketing and Theatre Arts. This is her second performance on the York College stage. Last semester Luz played Zerbinette in Bill Irwin and Mark O’Donnell’s adaptation of "Scapin". Luz hopes to be a huge movie star and a successful entrepreneur in the years to come.

Sebrena Mason Maria Elena Gonzalez

SEBRENA MASON is an upper senior, majoring Speech Communication/ Theatre Arts. This is her fifth performance with the York College Theatre. Her past productions include Yo Soy Latina, Scapin, All In The Timing and Fame. Even with just four productions at York, Sebrena is no stranger to the stage.  She has been in many productions outside of York, with a theatre company in the city. Since the age of two, Sebrena has been a classically trained ballerina and has a love for music and the arts as well as the sciences. She plans to have her own dance school and company in the future and is looking forward to teaching those who share the same love for dance and the arts as she does. She hopes to go far in show business with her acting and dancing skills, and will not give up her love for science as well.

Nicole Rajaram Casting Agent (Voice)

 Is a sophomore at York College with interest in Occupational Therapy and is the recording secretary for the York College Student Government. This is her first performance on the York College stage. However, Nicole intends on being involved in many more York College Theatre productions in the future.