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An Open and Uncensored Theater Festival

The performance schedule for all thirty New York FRIGID Festival shows has been announced! For more information on all of the shows in this year’s festival please visit, www.FRIGIDnewyork.info. The New York FRIGID Festival is an open and uncensored theater festival presented by Horse Trade Theater Group in association with San Francisco’s Exit Theatre. Riding the fringe of winter, the hit celebration of independent theater will run February 24-March 7, 2010 at The Kraine Theater, The Red Room, and UNDER St. Marks. Boasting over 150 performances and 30 shows over 12 days in 3 theaters, FRIGID New York will kick off the annual North American Fringe Circuit with a bang!

FRIGID 2010 will run February 24-March 7, 2010 at The Kraine Theater & The Red Room (85 East 4th Street between 2nd Ave and Bowery) and UNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place between 1st Ave and Ave A) Tickets to all shows ($7-16) may be purchased online at www.FRIGIDnewyork.info or by calling Smarttix at 212-868-4444.

THE KRAINE (85 East 4th Street)

2-Man No-Show
ZeekTech Productions Toronto, Ontario
This Frankenstein of comedic arts tells the story of two underdogs reaching beyond the unimaginable to make their dreams a reality in a world that is potentially make believe.
Fri Feb 26 @ 4pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 8:30pm, Sun Feb 28 @ 2:30pm, Mon March 1 @ 6pm, Fri March 5 @ 5:30pm, Sun March 7 @ 5:30pm

Aristophanes' The Bohemians
Second Best Bed Productions New York, NY
This recently discovered and newly translated work of Aristophanes demonstrates the classic playwright’s eerie knack for predicting the future. Follow Mediocrates as he struggles to find and maintain his artistic identity in the present-day East Village. This timeless production is sure to have you rolling in the isles.
Wed Feb 24 @ 9pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 1pm, Sun Feb 28 @ 7pm, Tue March 2 @ 10:30pm, Sun March 7 @ 4pm

Aurelia and Imago
Brianna Stark Vancouver, BC
A multimedia solo dance show choreographed and performed by Brianna Stark. The piece explores the evolution of life from essence to matter, the cellular to the universal and the persistent state of longing in between. The dancer takes us on a journey of birth, life and beyond.
Thu Feb 25 @ 9pm, Sun Feb 28 @ 4pm, Mon March 1 @ 9pm,Wed March 3 @ 7:30pm, Fri March 5 @ 4pm, Sat March 6 @ 7pm

Four Quarters
Agony Productions Brooklyn, NY
An innovative play in which two adults discover a love for their inner halves while searching for their other halves. Two adults. Four Quarters. Working, pushing and struggling to connect, trying to be one whole.
Wed Feb 24 @ 10:30pm, Fri Feb 26 @ 7pm, Tue March 2 @ 9pm, Thu March 4 @ 7:30pm, Sat March 6 @ 2:30pm

Let That Sh*t Go
Live Blaggard Brooklyn, NY
A motley collection of theatre artists presents an explosive evening of short plays celebrating the things we’ve left behind, and the things we just can’t shake. Some of the plays are funny. Some of the plays are sad. All of them are original. All of them are short.
Thu Feb 25 @ 7:30pm, Tue March 2 @ 7:30pm, Thu March 4 @ 10:30pm, Sat March 6 @ 8:30pm, Sun March 7 @ 1pm

No.11 Productions Long Island City, NY
Medea, suddenly abandoned by her husband Jason, plots her bloody revenge. A beautiful and heartbreaking staging of Euripides’ 2, 400-year-old play about love, broken expectations, passion, violence and what happens when we want too much. An original score and puppetry add an artistic twist to this vibrant translation.
Wed Feb 24 @ 6pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 7pm, Mon March 1 @ 7:30pm, Thu March 4 @ 9pm, Sat March 6 @ 1pm

Onomatopoiea Productions Brooklyn, NY
Onomatopoeia! presents clowning and juggling in a brand new light. Three characters present a collection of short scenes, which explore a single idea through physical theater and object manipulation. As the title suggests the only spoken words in the piece will be Onomatopoeias!
Thu Feb 25 @ 6pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 5:30pm, Wed March 3 @ 10:30pm, Fri March 5 @ 8:30pm, Sun March 7 @ 7pm

Secret Weapon Theatre New York, NY
Two teens are locked in a cabin in the woods on a rainy night. As they pass the hours drinking, they are forced to face each other's past and the deal that brought them there in the first place.
Wed Feb 24 @ 7:30pm, Fri Feb 26 @ 8:30pm, Wed March 3 @ 9pm, Thu March 4 @ 6pm, Sat March 6 @ 4pm

The Bike Trip
Martin Dockery Brooklyn, NY
In a breathtaking quest to uncover the nature of the psychedelic experience, a man journeys through San Francisco, India, and Switzerland, tapping into history’s very first acid trip by, amongst other things, renting a bike.
Thu Feb 25 @ 10:30pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 4pm, Wed March 3 @ 6pm, Fri March 5 @ 7pm, Sun March 7 @ 2:30pm

LaGoDi Productions and the Shark Tank Players Washington, DC
Destinies of a European countess and a humble American chambermaid collide at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. Swords of steel penetrate gender norms, true identities are freely explored, and one man discovers it is better to receive than to give.
Fri Feb 26 @ 5:30pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 2:30pm, Sun Feb 28 @ 1pm & 5:30pm, Sat March 6 @ 5:30pm

THE RED ROOM (85 East 4th Street)

The performance tube Toronto, Ontario
Trace Morgan’s mother is dead. Trace will do whatever it takes to forget. She travels through the night and ultimately finds what she’s looking for in a familiar face. Through Space Exploration, Jack Daniels, and the dreaded ‘Emotional Overload’, together they draw a map of human experience that transcends age and circumstance.
Thur Feb 25 @ 9:30pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 12:30pm, Sun Feb 28 @ 3:30pm, Tue March 2 @ 9:30pm, Thur March 4 @ 6:30pm, Fri March 6 @ 8pm

Mark Shyzer Toronto, Ontario
Shockingly funny and equally moving, Fishbowl slyly reveals the connections between five wildly different (and outrageously hilarious) characters, all played by newcomer Mark Shyzer.
Wed Feb 24 @ 9:30pm, Fri Feb 26 @ 6:30pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 3:30pm, Tue March 2 @ 6:30pm, Sat March 6 @ 9:30pm, Sun March 7 @ 5pm

Pageant Wagon New York, NY
Gavin, a wounded soldier wanders lost and delirious into an abandoned chapel. Taken in by a mysterious stranger and nursed by the three women of the household--mother, wife and daughter--Gavin becomes a pawn in an ancient and deadly seductive game. Inspired by “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.”
Thu Feb 25 @ 11pm, Sun Feb 28 @ 6:30pm, Mon March 1 @ 8pm, Fri March 5 @ 6:30pm, Sat March 6 @ 2pm

Alena Smith Brooklyn, NY
In the basement of a suburban house hides a man and his incredible collection of figurines. Like a mad scientist he plays with his objects, searching for what he calls "the ultimate arrangement" – hoping to find it before his hideout is invaded, and his own dark secret is revealed.
Wed Feb 24 @ 6:30pm, Fri Feb 26 @ 8pm, Sun Feb 28 @ 2pm, Mon March 1 @ 6:30pm, Thu March 4 @ 8pm

Mechanically Separated Meat
International BTC Stirling, NJ
A man's refusal to respect his talking Toaster launches an entire community into a debate of ownership, civil rights, and Robot Uprisings.
Wed Feb 24 @ 8pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 6:30pm, Thu March 4 @ 11pm, Fri March 5 @ 9:30pm, Sun March 7 @ 12:30pm

My Life of Crime
(ral-ū-pop) theatre Pasadena, CA
A Winn Dixie Supermarket. Daytona Beach, Florida. Circa 1970s. A stolen pack of Trident gum. An eight-year-old thief. Her mother. The Boyfriends. The Husbands. Jim "Bo Bo" Lehrer. And (of course), Jesus. It's a crowded crime scene; especially considering it's a one-woman show.
Thu Feb 25 @ 8pm, Fri Feb 26 @ 11pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 9:30pm, Sun Feb 28 @ 12:30pm, Wed March 3 @ 8pm, Sat March 6 @ 11pm

Nobody's Token
Nobody's Token New York, NY
What would happen if the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” moved to “South Park” or if the Cosby’s lived next door to “The Family Guy”? Using the Harold improv structure as a guide Nobody’s Token creates an improvised sitcom based off of the audience’s suggestion.
Wed Feb 24 @ 11pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 8pm, Thu March 4 @ 9:30pm, Sat March 6 @ 12:30pm, Sun March 7 @ 3:30pm

Fancy Molasses Winnipeg, Manitoba
Small town librarian Esther never dreamed she would become a porn star. That was before she found out her ex-boyfriend secretly videotaped her having sex and sold the tape for money.
Sat Feb 27 @ 11pm, Sun Feb 28 @ 5pm, Mon March 1 @ 9:30pm, Wed March 3 @ 6:30pm, Sat March 6 @ 3:30pm & 6:30pm

Roll With It
Maggie Nuttall New York, NY
Take a ride on the absurd side of wild and enter the world of Maggie Nuttall as she takes you through true stories of calamity and random acts of violence with the humor and dexterity of a wide-eyed child.
Fri Feb 26 @ 9:30pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 5pm, Tue March 2 @ 8pm, Fri March 5 @ 8pm, Sun March 7 @ 2pm

Kimleigh Smith Los Angeles, California
In this powerful theater piece you will witness Kimleigh as a young cheerleader transform into a woman who embraces her inner superhero as she reclaims her sexuality and lives as a whole, healthy woman!
Thu Feb 25 @ 6:30pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 2pm, Wed March 3 @ 9:30pm, Fri March 5 @ 11pm, Sat March 6 @ 5pm, Sun March 7 @ 6:30pm

UNDER ST. MARKS (94 St. Marks Place)

¼ Life Crisis
8 Monkey Productions Kelowna, B.C.
A dynamic one person show taking the audience on an energetic journey of a young professional as she works to establish her career, hold onto her dreams, drown out the voices of parents, peers and friends, to eventually discover the importance of claiming yourself and being true to who you are.
Thurs Feb 25 @ 6pm, Fri Feb 26 @ 9pm, Sun Feb 28 @ 2:30pm, Mon March 1 @ 10:30pm, Wed March 3 @ 9pm, Sat March 6@ 4pm

Bonne Nuit Poo Poo
Theatre Reverb Brooklyn, NY
Max, Maxi and the Operator fight for their survival in this action-packed comic-erotic end times fantasy featuring live video stream, text, dance and spectacle.
Fri Feb 26 @ 7:30pm, Sun Feb 28 @ 5:30pm, Mon March 1 @ 6pm, Thu March 4 @ 7:30pm, Sat March 6 @ 2:30pm

Floundering About (in an age of terror)
David Lawson Annadale, VA
A coming-of-age story set in the paranoia-filled, post-9/11 suburbs of Washington, D.C, an orange alert world where deadly powders are in the mail, snipers are opening fire in strip malls and only duct tape and oxygen masks can stop the evildoers.
Thu Feb 25 @ 9pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 2:30pm, Sun Feb 28 @ 4pm, Wed March 3 @ 6pm, Sat March 6 @ 7pm
Kill the Band
Kelly Dwyer Brooklyn, NY
Kill the Band is the original, comedy rock and roll, anti-cabaret! Coinciding with the release of their first album, this unpredictable, unforgettable, outrageously funny musical experience is both the band’s breakdown and breakthrough. Part Lucille Ball on her 3rd bottle of 5 Hour Power, part Meatloaf, sexy with a side of silly.
Wed Feb 24 @ 10:30pm, Fri Feb. 26 @ 10:30pm, Tue March 2 @ 7:30pm, Sat March 6@ 10pm, Sun March 7 @ 4pm

LATE NIGHTS WITH THE BOYS: confessions of a leather bar chanteuse
The Lopsided Company Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
With delightful and poignant tales of a Southern Songstress and her gay family, Alex Bond and David Carson read selections from Ms. Bond’s novel and transport you to Dallas 1977, a magical time before HIV/AIDS, but not before ignorance and prejudice. Wed Feb 24 @ 6pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 7pm, Mon March 1 @ 9pm, Fri March 5 @ 6pm, Sun March 7 @ 2:30pm.

Legs and All
Summer Shapiro & Peter Musante Brooklyn, NY
A physical exploration of limits, perspective and chocolate cake. Rooted in physical comedy and set to music, it takes a magical look at the mundane where two people stumble into the extraordinary. Limbs shoot out from a box and lamps repel us into other worlds. It peeks at human loneliness and hits up against reality's glass ceiling to poke about in the breathing space beyond.
Fri Feb 26 @ 6pm, Sun Feb 28 @ 1pm, Mon March 1 @ 7:30pm, Wed March 3 @ 7:30pm, Fri March 5 @ 9pm, Sat March 6 @ 8:30pm

No Traveler
(a) muse Collective New York, NY
In a narcissistic attempt to win her family's attention, Abigail decides to perform the greatest stunt of all- attempted suicide. When her childish venture turns into unexpected reality, Abigail finds herself trapped in purgatory - a warped version of her apartment with two exits. Heaven or Hell. As a result of her foolish mistake, there is atonement and penance to be paid... and time is running out.
Thu Feb 25 @ 10:30pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 10pm, Sun Feb 28 @ 7pm, Wed March 3 @ 10:30pm, Sat March 6 @ 5:30pm

Ramblings of a Gentleman Scumbag
(a) muse Collective New York, NY
Lucky Cheng’s Balloon man, delusional comic, and man of no God tries to justify 34 years of poor life choices and degeneracy.
Wed Feb 24 @ 7:30pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 8:30pm, Thu March 4 @ 6pm, Fri March 5 @ 10:30pm, Sun March 7 @ 7pm

sh+sh=gold Brooklyn, NY
The part autobiographical, part fictionalized story of a young man’s immigration to the US from Canada and of his realization that he is, in fact, a wizard.
Wed Feb 24 @ 9pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 5:30pm, Tue March 2 @ 6pm, Sat March 6 @ 1pm, Sun March 7 @ 5:30pm

Vodka Shoes
Leslie Goshko Brooklyn, NY
Rather than abuse her, Leslie’s alcoholic father would buy her shoes, drag race the lawnmower, and burn the neighbor’s bills, while her mother managed a doomed Christian bookstore and prayed in tongues over Leslie’s ailing sister. Leslie’s storytelling navigates a humorously tragic journey through childhood with frighteningly endearing characters.
Thu Feb 25 @ 7:30pm, Sat Feb 27 @ 4pm, Thu March 4 @ 9pm, Fri March 5 @ 7:30pm, Sun March 7 @ 1pm


About the Company: FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade

FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade is a theater development group with a focus on new work that produces a massive quantity of stimulating downtown theater every season. FRIGID’s Resident Artist Program offers a home to a select group of Independent theater artists, pooling together a great deal of talent and energy. FRIGID New York grew out of the annual FRIGID Festival, the first and only festival of its kind in New York City to offer artists 100% of their box office proceeds, and Horse Trade Theater Group, a self-sustaining theater development and management group.

Open:   02/24/10
Close:   03/07/10

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