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Hypergender Burlesque

Hypergender Burlesque Presents: GLUTTONY!

Somewhere between Thanksgiving and New Year's catch HyperGender's "Gluttony", celebration of excess and rampant commercialism. Holidays have traditions and HyperGender has a tradition of analyzing, defying and corrupting the holiday season. What is it that many holidays have in common, the mad geniuses of HGB asked? Consumption! We came out of Halloween that focused on buying candy and costumes and headed to Thanksgiving. The weekend where we expand our bellies with the amounts of food we never thought we could eat supplemented by mass hysteria of Black Friday when we are sent of to revive the still ailing economy by spending the last few pennies left on trinkets we don't need. Next we start looking toward Christmas and wonder how many useless gifts can we buy. Of course, in true spirit of neo imperialism we will also be able to purchase Hannukkah, Kwanzaa and Eid Al Adha merch, anything to get us to spend, consume and devour.

So where is burlesque, you ask? We at HyperGender believe you should take your hard earned - or provided by the government, pennies and donate them to our ailing economy. We will make you laugh and think and turn you on. There will be romance and critique and chocolate covered boobies, who needs strawberries when one has nipples? And who knows, you may even think of some creative gifts that don't come mass produced and prepackaged! So join us for some hot toddies and debauchery on December 5th!

Hosts: Award Winning Performers N & JZ BICH



and video by ANTI-SOCIAL

FOR ONLINE TICKETING go to www.hypergender.com

Pre show Music to get your groove by N


WARNING: The show is rated NC-17!

The feast consumes on Saturday December 5th at:

WOW Cafe
59-61 E. 4th Street, 4th Floor
$10 Cover

RECESSION SPECIAL $8 if you come in with a flyer or a print out of this poster!

Reservations STRONGLY Encouraged call: 917-591-6185

Doors Open at 9:30
Show begins at 10

flyer artwork by N

About the Company: HyperGender Burlesque

HyperGender began with a hope and a dream....and on Saturday April 14th 2007...that dream became a reality. As burlesque is getting more and more mainstreamed and as "post" is new "neo" we are proud to be the first post-neo-burlesque show. Two years after its conception HyperGender Burlesque is one of the leading monthly reviews and has gained a reputation for providing experimental and thought provoking entertainment.

HyperGender's mission is to titillate you, taunt you and tease you with a different variety of political and performance art. This is not your average burlesque show as it features video, drag, and performance art.

We are a monthly THEME review that features new and established burlesque performers, videographers, poets, sideshow artists and the pulse of NYC's underground artist community. Our themes range from Shakespeare, masturbation and the ever famed Seven Deadly Sins.
HyperGender is housed at historic WOW Cafe Theatre in the heart of NYC's East Village. The show is rated NC-17 for full frontal nudity and other things that bump in the night. We are daring for a reason, provocative because we have to....we want to show the NYC is still raw, edgy and beautiful all at the same time. This is a direct answer to Disneyfication of New York City.

A big reason for performers to come to us is our willingness and ability to offer complete creative freedom in a safe environment. This allows a free platform for exchange of ideas with no limits and boundaries. HyperGender encourages acts that are controversial, smart, and most importantly, ART! We strive to create this each and every month.
HyperGender has been a pick of the month for GO Magazine and Time Out New York

The producers of this monthly event are N and JZ Bich.

Open:   12/05/09
Close:   12/05/09

Saturday December 5th
Doors open at 9:30
Show starts at 10 p.m.
Theater:   WOW Cafe Theater
Address:   59-61 East 4th St.
New York, NY 10003
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6 to Astor place or F to 2nd Ave

Buy Tickets Online or Call: Fab at 917-591-6185
Company: HyperGender Burlesque         Official Web Site: www.hypergender.com