Genre: Comedy, Drama
Written and Directed by Aliza Shane

Electra is angry, ruthless, and hell-bent on revenge. Too bad she’s only 16…

Electra is determined to avenge her father Agamemnon’s death. Unfortunately, she’s powerless - a teenager stuck at home with nothing but a Greek chorus that just won’t go away. She will need to band together with her long-lost brother Orestes, their dim-witted sister Chrysothemis, their trusted friend Pylades and a torrent of raging hormones to set her plot for revenge in motion. But will vengeance lead to happiness? And why does puberty have to be so tragic?

This Greek play’s original title is somewhat deceiving. Electra appears to be about a central female character affecting all action of the play. However, she spends the entire time waiting for a man to show up on his proverbial white horse and make things happen. This story has always been about the one true heir Orestes; the conquering hero, returning home to save the day. All Electra can do is wait and lament… and then lament some more. But what if the story really belonged to Electra? What if she grew to believe in her own power and gained the strength to fight back on her own terms? This over the top, hilarious production answers those questions for you and throws in the grungy sounds of Nirvana, Bush and Greenday for good measure. Come and see Electra exact her own revenge for yourself!

Irene Ryan Award nominee Dani Cervone (Electra) leads the standout ensemble, which also features Elizabeth Bove, Carley Colbert, Jan Di Pietro (Far Out! at Minetta Lane Theatre), Marci Koltonuk (Dance Dance Revolution at The Ohio Theatre), Meg Lanzarone, Kevin Mitchell, Michael Alan Read, Matt Rini and Tom Slot (Jesus Freaks at Manhattan Repertory).

Creative team includes: Laura Hirschberg (Assistant Director/Stage Manager), Rachel Wohlander (Assistant Director/Stage Manager), Zane Enloe (Scenic Designer), David Monroy (Lighting Designer) and David Moyer (Costume Designer).

About the Company: Looking Glass Theatre

Reflecting Life on the Stage with Truth and Theatricality While Exploring a Female Vision and Creating a Community of Artistic Freedom

Our goal is to create a community of artistic freedom: freedom from the pressure to be commercial, freedom from gender expectations and freedom from judgment. We believe this is the way to bring our audience aesthetic bliss. Supporting inspiration without expectations gets creative juices flowing. This pure creative energy then creates the purest entertainment.

Open:   10/29/09
Close:   11/22/09

Friday-Saturday @ 8pm
Sunday @ 7pm
Theater:   Roy Arias Theatre Center
Address:   300 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
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Subway Lines: 1, 2, 3, 7, A, C, E, N, R, S to 42nd Street-Times Square

Cost:$15 general
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