Genre: Drama
By Naomi Wallace

A poetic non-linear narrative of two teens, a trestle and a decision that changes the world that surrounds them.

A sobering look at one's worth when they are on the verge of having nothing and going nowhere. As two teens, Pace and Dalton, are trying to out-run a train and the future they know is quickly approaching.... one moment changes everything. An in-depth look into the Great Depression-era, that has an eerie echoing effect mirroring these modern times. This play begs the questions: What is a father to do when society tells him he is worthless? What is a mother to do when she is desperately trying to hold her family together? What are children to do when they look toward tomorrow and it is nowhere in sight? The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek.

Featuring: Alejandra Escalante, Robert Gilbert, Libby G. Collins*, Henry Wright, and Kevin Pinassi

Director: Christophe Anderson
Stage Manager: Alexandra Duerr
Lighting Design: Henry Borriello
Costume Design: Reynold Hewitt
Set Design: Christophe Anderson

*These actors are appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association. Equity Approved Showcase.


About the Company: Rapscallion Theatre Collective

It is the Rapscallion Theatre Collective's goal and desire to evoke change, educate, and learn through our journey of performance art. To establish a community where fellow artists can feel a sense of freedom to pursue and conquer their artistic endeavors. To return to a time when theatre was not only viewed for its entertainment value, but also lead our audience toward a vision, thought, or memory; one that would support and guide them into making changes in their lives and/or surroundings. To use theatre not only as an art but, as an aid to better the human race and develop stronger relations within our communities.

Open:   10/15/09
Close:   10/25/09

Oct 15-17 & Oct 22-24 @ 8pm
Oct 18 & Oct 25 @ 3pm
Theater:   Medicine Show Theatre
Address:   549 West 52nd Srteet, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10019
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Alejandra Escalante Pace Creagan

Alejandra is thrilled to be a part of this exciting and thought-provoking project. She would like to thank Rapscallion Theatre Collective for making her first New York City stage experience challenging and awesome. Alejandra recently received her BFA in Acting from Boston University. Some of her BU credits include: The Cherry Orchard (Lovey Ranevskaya), The Bacchae (Agave), and Red Noses (Scarron). Thank you mom for being Superwoman. “I have nothing to say of my working life, only that a tie is a noose, and inverted though it is, it will hang a man nonetheless if he’s not careful.”- Yann Martel

Robert Gilbert Dalton Chance

Born and raised in the London suburbs, Robert has always known he wanted to act since playing Winnie the Pooh in the school play aged 5. He was an active member of the Drama department and in 2004 he and his fellow classmates wrote a musical comedy, La Trattoria Di Segretti which was taken to the Edinburgh Festival in 2004 by Young Pleasance. Robert was then invited back to perform at the biggest venue at the festival, The Pleasance Grand, in the original musical, Bus. Robert studied Drama and Screen Studies at The University of Manchester. During his time there he played the role of Helmuth Rode in Taking Sides, David Kendle in Rope and Michel in The Pillowman for which he achieved a Best Supporting Actor Nomination at The Manchester Fringe Theatre Awards. In 2008 Robert moved to New York to study acting at New York Film Academy and The Peoples Improv Theatre. The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek is Robert’s New York Stage Debut.

Libby G. Collins Gin Chance

Theatre: Most recents/favorite: Train to Brooklyn (dir. Richard Kline) What We Planned For (MTS), Twas the Day of the Party (13th St. Rep), Yog Sothoth (MTS), Gertrude: The Cry (RADA), Saying Anything (by Laura Camien), Dasher Tannenbaum’s Holiday Review (as Lil’ Candycane), A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Film: The Procedure, Somebody to Love, Family, Alone With Shakespeare, Thrill. Voiceover: Acceptable TV (VH-1), Anatomy of a Scene, The Smoking Gun, The Genographic Project, and many T.V. and radio commericals. Training: Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts London, LAByrinth Theater Company, HB Studio (Anne Jackson, Austin Pendleton), Atlantic Theatre Company, The Barrow Group. Libby is grateful to have the honor, as part this talented cast and team,--and visionary Director (Thanks Christophe!), to tell this important and moving story. Thank you Naomi Wallace for this extraordinary piece. And thanks to my husband Michael and dear friends. Libby has never appeared on Law and Order.

Henry Wright Dray Chance

The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek, Immortal Diamond: A Jesuit in Poet’s Corner, Glass Menagerie, Twelfth Night, As You Like It, Taming of the Shrew, The Escape. I am very grateful to Rapscallion Theatre Collective for this production, and to my teachers, family, and wife for their patience and support.

Kevin Pinassi Chas Weaver

Kevin Pinassi is grateful to be involved in this production. Kevin has been active in theater, film and television for many years and is represented by Phoenix Artists. His most recent film work was in American Gangster directed by Ridley Scott. Kevin's television credits include Law and Order and Law and Order SVU, as well as Wonderland.