Genre: Comedy, Musical
Directed by Thatcher Williams. Musical Direction by David Brooks.

Written by David Brooks, John Cisar, Larry Mahlstedt, Kevin Spire, Amy Stanwood, Karen Swanson, Thatcher Williams. Music & Lyrics by David Brooks & Karen Swanson.

Coming to the 2009 New York International Fringe Festival, a production of The Present  Company --

The Change Co-Operative presents: SPERMALOT: The Musical

The multimedia puppet musical from Iowa takes a prolific and pompous poke at American sexuality and human reproduction as a parody of the Knights of the Round Table.

The Lady of the Labia sends Sperm Arthur, King of Spermatagonia, and his Sperm Knights on their quest to create a union with the most holiest of holy grails - the Ovum, the fount of the future.

Along the way, the Sperm Knights overcome obstacles beset in their path, including: a seminal tsunami, the leap of faith from prepuce to purpose, and brothers battling brothers. Once on the other side, they must crusade against Green Knight Chlamydia, Red Knight Aunt Flo and Black (Jedi) Knight SamJack. Before their quest is complete they must pass the final test of the over-protective Cervix, of which there can be only one triumphant.

Think of it as “Avenue Q” meets “Camelot” meets Sex-Ed Class.

Is it a bit sophomoric? Sure!

Is it a bit offensive? It’s a bit more than a bit!

Is it funny? Funny? Be prepared to wet your panties!

SPERMALOT cast & crew

  • Arthur, King of Spermatagonia Darit Phoung Brown
  • Sperm Lancelot, the Brave Josh Rinderknecht
  • Sperm Lionel, the Queer Larry Mahlstedt
  • Sperm Beefeater, the Inebriated Kyle Phillips
  • Sperm Expendable, the Dim David Brooks
  • Ova Eggevere, The Holy Egg Amy Burgmaier
  • Lady of the Labia Anita Holland
  • Little Man in the Boat Anita Holland
  • Aunt Flo, The Red Knight Larry Mahlstedt
  • SamJack, The Black Knight Hiawatha Rutland
  • Chlamydia, The Green Knight David Brooks
  • Cervix, Guardian of the Ovum Anita Holland
  • Puppet Master Morgan Beary
  • Costumes Karen Swanson
  • Choreographer Lorainna Nedved

About the Company: The Change Co-Operative

The Change Co-Operative is a joint project of:

Theater ... for a CHANGE is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with the mission to empower artists &
audiences with greater opportunities to interact by:

  • Expanding public awareness of theatre, focusing on economically diverse communities & neighborhoods
  • Creating a wide variety of affordable professional productions that enrich & entertain
  • Providing educational workshops to inspire & nurture youth & adults

The Comedy Co-Operative's mission (if we choose to accept it) is to enhance any and all comedic performance aspects by writing, promoting, producing and performing comedy in a collaborative effort. Whether it be stand-up comedy, original sketch comedy, film and video production, or full scale stage presentations, The Co-Op has proved to be a viable partner to many independents.

Open:   08/21/09
Close:   08/26/09

Fri, Aug 21 @ 10:15 pm “Blind Date”
Sat, Aug 22 @ 2:15 pm “Afternoon Delight”
Sun, Aug 23 @ 6:45 pm “Missionary Man”
Mon, Aug 24 @ 9:15 pm “Manic Monday”
Wed, Aug 26 @ 4:15 pm “After School Special”
Theater:   Flamboyan Theater (csv Cultural Arts Ce
Address:   107 Suffolk Street
New York, NY 10002
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Cost:$15 General, $12 Seniors (65+)
Buy Tickets Online or Call: FringeNYC at 866.468.7619
Company: The Change Co-Operative         Official Web Site: www.theaterforachange.com