Genre: Lesbian+Gay, Festival
Written by Lucile Scott, Directed By Scout Durwood

VLove rocks! VLove is a multi-media cabaret play inspired by true stories from the cast. Through beatboxing, burlesque, song, dance, video, dialogue and spoken word, we see the intertwined stories of six post-modern women. Not your typical vagina play, V-Love features Dr. Gorgeous, a Connecticut housewife turned sex columnist, her daughter, Lily a sexy self-aware dancer whose best friend, J beatboxes her way through a gender crisis, Ellen, and her awkward transition from a little girl who just wants to draw having a tryst with her boss in the corporate world, and London, who can’t seem to sober up long enough to open the coffee shop she claims has been in the works since high school, narrated through the wide eyes of a fun-loving, guitar strumming minstrel, who watches it all unfold onstage.

V-Love will be at The Hudson Guild Theatre, 441 w. 26th St as part of the Fresh Fruit Festival at 8:30PM July 22, 8:30PM July 23, 9:30PM July 25 and 12:30PM July 26. $20. For advance sale (212) 352-3101 / (866) 811-4111 / theatermania.com.

Open:   07/22/09
Close:   07/26/09

8:30PM July 22, 8:30PM July 23, 9:30PM July 25 and 12:30PM July 26
Theater:   Hudson Guild Theatre
Address:   441 W, 26th Street
New York, NY
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Buy Tickets Online or Call: TheaterMania at 212-352-3101