Genre: Comedy
Ben Newman

"It's OK to be lost... But I want to be lost with you.”

A World Elsewhere! Arias in the Key of Clown is a story about love, loss, loneliness, and community in the big city. Using exlusively gibberish language, musical movement and vocals and traditional European clowing techniques, this ensemble based collaboration analyzes the migration of the artist to New York City and all the possibilities that lie therin. The ensemble of wanderers, captained by director/creator Ben Newman, begins an investigation into these themes with humor, art, beauty and love.
“The tradition of clowning demands that the human experience deny nothing. This inherently gives an audience the opportunity to look at the world in such a way they haven't before, and walk out of the theatre with an appreciation of the storm we all choose to live in.” –Ben Newman, Director-

This funny & inspirational ensemble collaboration depicts the migration of artists to NYC & all the possibilities therein. Inspired by traditional European clowning techniques, actors use movement & gibberish to tell the tale of love, loss and A World Elsewhere!

Featuring- Justin Ness*, Lucy McRae, Melissa Johnson, Andrew Harriss, Trevor Dallier, Monica Moreau and Neil Fennell

About the Company: Wide Eyed Productions

Wide Eyed Productions is a New York-based collective dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the creation of risk-taking, relevant theatre. Through a core ensemble committed to both the birth of contemporary works and the rebirth of classic texts, it is our goal through collaborative process to discover and create new theatre that stimulates the imagination and awakens the public's passion for high standards in performing arts.

Open:   08/15/09
Close:   08/27/09

Saturday 15, 7pm
Monday 17, 5:15pm
Tuesday 25, 8pm
Wednesday 26, 3pm
Thursday 27, 9:30pm
Theater:   Cherry Lane Theatre
Address:   38 Commerce St.
New York, NY 10014
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Company: Wide Eyed Productions         Official Web Site: www.wideeyedproductions.com