Genre: Classical, Comedy
The Bear, Shakespeare Lives!, and Mayor Eddie P. Rex

Chekhov’s The Bear, and original works Shakespeare Lives! and Mayor Eddie P. Rex will be performed as Classically Skewed for two weekends in July. The hilarious evening is based on a love for the classics - followed closely by a desire to give the classics a wet willy, purple nurple, or possibly a swirly - illiterately speaking of course. We only play because we love!

The Bear: Written by Anton Chekhov. Directed by Karen Raphaeli. The classic Russian comedy that plays with the minimal distance between anger and passion; between wanting to fight and wanting to... do something else. Starring Doug Rossi, Abe Lebovic, and Melissa Villain.

Shakespeare Lives!: Written by Brett Hursey. Directed by Marielle Duke. An unsuspecting actress is tossed into a bizarre audition with a director who wants to “drag Shakespeare out of his moldy old grave” and give him a “cutting edge.” It’s Avant-Garde for the Avant-Bard. There might even be a sock puppet involved. Starring Megan Melnyk, Thomas Rowen, Megan McKenna, and Kris Mordecai.

Mayor Eddie P. Rex: Written by Melissa Faye Villain. Directed by Shauna Horn. An interpretation of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex; loose, modern, and set on a day-time talk show. The Sophie Cleese show, specifically. Starring Sarah Chemerys, Michael Sadler, Christine D’Amato, Tom Lacey, Hailey McCarty, and Kris Mordecai.

Open:   07/09/09
Close:   07/19/09

8pm Thursdays through Sundays
Theater:   Shetler Studios
Address:   244 West 54th Street (12th Floor) B
New York, NY
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