Genre: Drama
Written by Nastaran Ahmadi and directed by Shoshona Currier,

In STRANGERS, Ella wants to throw a party celebrating the 5-year anniversary of her “green card marriage” to Wes. When unease about the relationship surfaces, the lovers separately seek advice on how to handle their growing anxieties. This sets off a chain reaction that forces their friends -- and even some complete strangers -- to confront their fears about how they choose to live and love in this age of paranoia. The era of American Film Noir serves as an allegorical backdrop for Wes and Ella's ill-fated love story with periodic appearances from iconic femme fatales and detectives. Inspired by real green card marriages and interviews with expats, Americans and immigration lawyers, STRANGERS employs live music and video to explore the romance of “another” -- another person to love, another country to call home.

STRANGERS stars Joey Williamson, Jen Taher, Kim Gainer, and Franny Silverman, Daniel Popa, Brad Love, and Peter Stone with original music by Anthony Gabriele; choreography by Pavel Zustiak (Palissimo), video by Miklos Buk (Untitled Mars by Jay Scheib), lighting and set design by Ben Kato (Chautauqua! with National Theater of the United States of America) and costumes by Sydney Maresca (The Debate Society's Cape Disappointment).

About the Company: Ontological-Hysteric Theater

In 2005, the Ontological-Hysteric Theater thoroughly revamped and updated its programs for emerging artists by starting the Ontological-Hysteric Incubator. The Incubator is programming which guides artists from workshop phases to fully realized productions. The Incubator houses artists, who follow in the compositional theater footsteps of Richard Foreman, but have their own unique visions and aesthetic strategies for tracing out the Ontological-Hysteric Theater's aim of unsettling perception and disorienting understanding. The Incubator programming provides these artists with aesthetic and practical mentorship and support on their way towards self-sustaining and more rigorous productions. Ontological-Hysteric Incubator is long-term development and process oriented programming for emerging artists. Ideally artists begin in one of its work-in-progress programs and grow towards fully realized and self-produced performances beyond the Incubator.

Preview:   05/29/09
Open:   06/04/09
Close:   06/13/09

Thursday - Saturday at 8pm with additional performances June 7 & 9 at 8pm.
Theater:   Ontological Theater at St. Marks
Address:   131 East 10th Street (at 2nd Ave)
New York, NY
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Cost:$17 adult/$12 student
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