Genre: Drama
a collection of solo works written by Clay McLeod Chapman, directed by Melissa Rindell

The Collective presents
A collection of solo works written by Clay McLeod Chapman

Directed by Melissa Rindell

Playwright and story-teller Clay McLeod Chapman has seen his short fiction transposed to the stage for over the last ten years, produced in Romania, Scotland, Ireland and here in the US. Originator of the rigorous story-performance group, the Pumpkin Pie Show, Chapman has taken his writing to the Sibiu International Festival of Theatre, the NY Fringe Festival, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His first book of stories, rest area, has been published.

Performed by members of The Collective:
Suzannah Quincy Beard*, Patrick Bonck, Karen Chamberlain, Margaret Champagne, Kevin Kane* and Melissa Rindell.

An Equity approved showcase.
*These Actors appear courtesy of Actors Equity Association.

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Open:   05/12/09
Close:   05/16/09

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