Genre: Drama
©Wade Dansby/graphic designer
Conceived & Directed by Polina Klimovitskaya

The smallest pebble can upset even the largest cart. – Bulgarian Proverb

Dixon Place and Terra Incognita Theater present the world premiere of the Pebble-and-Cart Cycle: one-line tragedies.

A woman battles a fly. Father has a horse attack. Brother turns into a goat. Inspired by the Bulgarian proverb “The smallest pebble can upset even the largest cart,” the Pebble-and-Cart Cycle: one-line tragedies unveils a spellbinding, surreal journey where folk legend, animal archetype, personal experience and religious rite weave together to expose the theater of inner conflict. This installment features the first three parts of the six-part cycle -- "Moocha: I have a fly on my plate,” "Horse: I have my heart in front of me" and "Goat: I cannot get into my own shoe” -- each conceived and directed by Polina Klimovitskaya (“Red Beads,” Mabou Mines).

Set Design by Karl Allen & Jessica Scott
Video by Melissa Clarke
Puppets by Jessica Scott


About the Company: Terra Incognita Theater

Terra Incognita Theater, Inc. is a not-for-profit, experimental-theatre company founded in 1983 by award-winning director, actor, and master teacher Polina Klimovitskaya (teaching philosophy). Terra Incognita develops and performs works that arise as a response to our existence today, utilizing a number of disciplines in its efforts to create work from a deep intuitive place. It has performed in NYC festivals and toured throughout Europe and Brazil.


Cast: Jeremy Goren, Dinne Kopelevich, Natalia Krasnova, Ellen Lanese, Michael Moscoso, Anthony Spaldo, Dolly Williams
Open:   06/16/09
Close:   06/25/09

Tuesday through Thursday at 8:00 pm
Theater:   Dixon Place
Address:   161A Chrystie Street
New York, NY 10002
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F to 2nd Ave, JMZ to Bowery

Cost:$15; $12 for students
Buy Tickets Online or Call: TheaterMania at 212-352-3101
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