Genre: Drama
Sherry Kramer

 The Goodword Theatre presents Sherry Kramer’s Dramatic tale about Jean, Marilyn, and the love affair that almost was.  

Jean (Stephanie Ellis) and Marilyn (Karin Agstam), two young redheaded women, are fast falling in love when the news of a tragic suicide finds its way into their blissful escape. 

 With their debut production, The Goodword brings forth a raw story told on the oh-so-thin line between reality and imagination. 

A series of snapshots guides us through the course of this increasingly embattled relationship and serves proof of what made these women so passionately drawn to one another and, in the end, so mismatched once reality comes knocking on their door.  “David’s Redhaired Death” is as much as anything a play about how we get through the hardest times in our lives.

“A fall from a great height changes everything:” whether it is falling in love or leaping from a window and falling to your death.  It is the acceptance of the imprints those falls, those moments, leave on us and on those we love that gives us hope once dust has settled on the Redhaired Affair.

Cast: Karin Agstam, Stephanie Ellis, Ben Mac Brown-Director , Danielle Schultz-Set Design , Christopher Thielking-Lighting
Open:   05/14/09
Close:   05/23/09

May 14th - May 16th : 8pm
May 17th : 2pm
May 20th - May 23rd : 8pm
Theater:   Duo Theatre
Address:   62 E. 4th St.
New York, NY 10003
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Company: The Goodword Theatre         Official Web Site: www.myspace.com/davidsredhaireddeath