Genre: Comedy, Drama
Written by James McLure and Steven Gridley; Directed by Walter J. Hoffman

WON AND LOST, the official debut of Apple Core Theater Company, features a revival of PVT. WARS by James McLure and the premiere of THE RETURN OF ODYSSEUS by Steven Gridley.

In McLure’s dark comedy, three Vietnam veterans pass the time together in a military hospital while coping with their life-changing injuries. But the quirky small talk and mischievous practical jokes serve to hide each man’s inner turmoil and isolation from the outside world. As the three men say again and again, they can leave the hospital at any time—and yet, they stay.

In THE RETURN OF ODYSSEUS, a quiet, humble farmer is approached by an eager, young journalist about his experience in World War II. Stationed as a construction worker on Wake Island in the Pacific, the farmer with no military training sank a Japanese ship when the station came under attack—a heroic achievement that the journalist wants to celebrate. But it’s what happened after the ship sank that prevents the farmer from talking. Like PVT. WARS, this heartbreaking play looks at the disconnection and misunderstanding between civilians and veterans.

About the Company: Apple Core Theater Company

Apple Core Theater Company produces emotional, entertaining plays by American writers. Valuing the immediacy and intimacy of theater, we strive to present plays that cut down to the core and go straight to the heart. Believing that theater should be accessible to all people, we are committed to providing affordable theater to New York City.

Open:   04/03/09
Close:   04/19/09

Friday April 3rd at 8 PM
Saturday April 4th at 8 PM
Sunday April 5th at 7 PM
Friday April 10th at 8 PM
Saturday April 11th at 2 PM
Saturday April 11th at 8 PM
Monday April 13th at 8 PM
Friday April 17th at 8 PM
Saturday April 18th at 2 PM
Saturday April 18th at 8 PM
Sunday April 19th at 3 PM
Theater:   TBG Arts Center
Address:   312 West 36th Street 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018
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