Genre: Other
suspended cirque

 Across the Water is not a show, but a world! You enter the space to see bodies suspended above the water dancing with their own reflections. You take a seat on the couch on one of the small urban islands and look up to see a girl. She spins above you occasionally dipping her toe into the water that surrounds your island. She disappears over one of the bridges and the Friday night chatter starts up again until two men take the stage.  They play with water in a languid dance and the evening has just begun. Across the Water happens around the audience-above them, in front of them, behind them- always engaging, never overwhelming.

Open:   04/03/09
Close:   04/03/09

9 pm

Theater:   Galapagos Art Space
Address:   16 Main St
Dumbo, NY
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Subway Info: A or C to High St or F to York St 2 or 3 to Clark

Buy Tickets Online or Call: SmartTix at 212-868-4444