Genre: Classical
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Sophocles, Greg Cicchino

Antigone, doomed daughter of ill-fated Oedipus and Jocasta, is forced to complete “the ceremony of pain and dishonor and disaster and shame” willed by the Gods. Her brothers fought for the throne of Thebes, and each fell on the others’ sword. One was deemed a hero, the other, traitor. Her uncle, Kreon, who has claimed Thebes in the wake of the tragedy, has decreed death to the person who blesses the traitor’s body. Antigone, who has made an oath to her fallen brother, defies the will of the tyrant and consecrates his corpse. The enraged Kreon demands Antigone pay the ultimate price. This is against the advice of the great prophet, who has foretold doom for the family, and the nation if Kreon will not relent. The life of Antigone, and the fate of all of Thebes is hopelessly woven into Kreon’s wounded pride.

Using a variety of theatrical styles, director Greg Cicchino’s production of Antigone will explore the androgyny of its characters and examine how circumstances can force people to shatter stereotypical gender roles. With an innovative set design and a cast featuring Queens Players company members Dara Tiller, Katie Braden, Ira Sargent, Amanda Adili and Tiffany Turner alongside guest actors David Doumeng, Chris Duncan this will be an Antigone unlike any other.

About the Company: The Queens Players

The Queen's players are a non-union acting company formed by English actor/writer, Richard Mazda. The inspiration is NYC's wonderful pool of actors and a desire to present new work, which is normally difficult to achieve without financial backing.

Open:   03/12/09
Close:   03/28/09

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