Genre: Drama, Solo Performance
Ise Lyfe & Micia Mosely

"Who's Krazy" is a one man theater piece written and performed by Ise Lyfe. This play introduces us to Milton Victor, a 31 year old Black man working for a marketing firm in super corporate America until the day he snaps. Diagnosed as a schizophrenic, the entire play takes place in the basement of Milton’s home where he has been locked away. He is locked in a room, but his mind goes everywhere. Through his schizophrenic reminiscing, Milton relives the road to his breakdown, the actual breakdown, and the aftermath. We witness dialog from Milton's marriage counseling sessions, boardroom meetings, car rides with his kids, conversation with his militant younger Brother, and even church.

Milton is a blend of the Black American sell-out/Idiot/all knowing/dreamer/brave/insecure-identity searching struggle within Black people in America. The intent of this piece is to address the sleeping giants living within people in America. The abundant potential and free light that exist in all of us that for the most part is ignored and untapped. Instead we are crammed into cubicles, Wal-Mart, emails, traffic jams, school, court, etc. Who is strange? Is it the homeless woman that steals and refuses to get a job? Or, is it the man that works at the same place for 35 years, retires at 65 and dies at 68 years old. WHO'S KRAZY?


This story is delivered through monologue, spoken word, a 70’s soul/hip hop soundtrack, and song.



Open:   02/17/09
Close:   02/17/09

Theater:   La Mama (first Floor Theater)
Address:   74A E. 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
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6 to Bleecker, walk east to Bowery, north to East 4th, east to theater, or take the F or V train to 2nd Avenue & walk to East 4th

Cost:$8.00 or Call: at 212.475.7710