Genre: Classical, Comedy
Written by: Richard Brinsley Sheridan; Directed by: Michael Hogwood

In the depraved nightclub called BATH the wildest of desires can come true. This seedy underground petri dish is where you will meet Captain Absolute, who gets off on role playing & Lydia Languish, who likes to dominate. Julia Melville gets hot playing games & Faulkland likes to watch. The smoky haze of the dance floor finds the disgustingly dirty Bobby Acres trying on women's panties all while the heavily made-up Mrs. Malaprop works the stripper poles. Look closely and in a back corner booth you might find vile Lucius O'Trigger polishing his naked sword. Under the pulsing lights of a haze-filled dance floor beasty-boys David and Fag break-dance. Thomas likes to be choked. It's obvious because he's hanging from a noose. Come to BATH. You just might meet a girl named Lucy who hides things up her skirt.  A Comedy of (bad) Manners

Cast: Eric Carpenter, Jessi Blue Gormezano, David Jenkins, Bryce Kemph, Jenna Kirk, Robert Leeds, Melissa Menzie, Michael Judson Pace, Nathan Riley, Michal Salonia, Christian Toth
Preview:   02/26/09
Open:   02/27/09
Close:   03/07/09

Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 8pm
Saturday, Sunday 2pm
Theater:   Spoon Theatre
Address:   38 West 38th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10018
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Greg Engbrecht has worked in New York City as an actor, director, and stage manager for three years. He received his BA in Theater at Ithaca College and his recent credits include Mountain Jews (Isaac) Off-Broadway, Titus Andronicus (Lucius Andronicus) at The Brick, Whisky, Beer, and Apple Pie (Chris) at the Abingdon, and the New York Premier of The Tragedy of John (Ben) at Theatre Row Studios. You can see him also in a spring release of the feature film Hated, (dir: Lee Madsen).