Genre: Comedy, Solo Performance
Written and performed by Mark Sam Rosenthal, directed by Todd Parmley

Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Named Desire has been called “…a thoughtful, laugh-out-loud story based on one film icon’s descent into reality: hilarious, a little bit heartbreaking and really smart. Like all great comedy, it’s funny because it’s true—and even better because it’s so absurd.” Time Out NY, “… a loving tribute to a dazzling character and an unforgiving political commentary.”Backstage, “…the wry dialogue, a crafty play on Williams' poetic language, begins to work its manic magic… When Blanche declares, ‘even the kindness of strangers fails me now,’ we share her despair.” Gay City News, “Rosenthal, with a mixture of dark humor and pathos, captures well the woman who thinks she's too good to share this fate with so many…”, “Funny and poignant… Deftly directed by Todd Parmley… a humorous yet bitterly sad meditation on the desperate conditions during a national disaster where government relief was inept at best, criminal at worst.”, “…a startlingly original show” Edge New York. “Brilliant script, cleverly crafted and surprisingly touching. Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Desire is a one-man marvel courtesy of Mark Sam Rosenthal. ” HX.

Rosenthal’s idea for introducing Blanche DuBois into the aftermath of Katrina sprang from the images on the news of nameless evacuees arriving bewildered at the Superdome. “No one has ever arrived more famously
bewildered and homeless in New Orleans than Blanche at the start of A Streetcar Named Desire,” says Rosenthal. “I wanted to see what would happen if this delicate flower’s story started over in a way, in the midst of this horrible hurricane mess. Dark humor was just about the only way I could deal with what was happening at home.” He concludes, “And I love that even in the midst of unprecedented catastrophe, Blanche still sees herself as the biggest drama.”

Preview:   01/15/09
Open:   01/25/09
Close:   03/07/09

Thursday – Friday at 9; Saturday at 3/9PM; Sunday at 7PM.
Theater:   Soho Playhouse
Address:   15 Vandam Street
New York, NY 10013
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Cost:$30 ($20 during previews).
Buy Tickets Online or Call: SoHo Playhouse at 212-691-1555