Genre: Comedy, Drama, Festival, Solo Performance, Other
Jerrod Bogard

It's The O'Rielly Factor on Steroids. Dan Dillinger takes news entertainment to a new low in this collection of five plays by J Bogard amped up with all the multi-media trappings of a corporate media outlet. CLICK HERE for a YouTube VIDEO PREVIEW

With a through-line designed by the author , these new and proven pieces are directed by artists from companies like the Brooklyn Theatre Arts Project; the Internationalists; Lincoln Center Director's Lab, Wide Eyed Productions and more.

Political, tragic, hilarious and heartwarming, this 90-minute showcase is presented as an acute indictment of the American media and also an ambitious, fulfilling evening of theatre in the Players' Loft. (This is an AEA approved showcase.)

Martin Denton of will host a talkback discussion after the matinee performance, Sunday the 25th of Jan. 3 PM.

Bogard's plays have been produced in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Several of the plays presented here were developed at Shortened Attention Span's playwright's workshop in 2008.

THE PLAYS (click for pics) :

* Video interludes are directed by Brian Bernard– 2 time Emmy Nominated creator of CUNY TV's "Art or Something Like It."

Copper Green (premiere) directed by Anthony Augello– Board Member of Brooklyn Theatre Arts Project, Inc. While on vacation in New York City, a mid-western family takes a ride on the Staten Island Ferry to see Lady Liberty. But young Jake can't figure out why his big-brother should be overseas fighting for this ugly statue. Only in New York City could you see this scene on your daily commute.

Hedge (premiere) directed by Jake Witlen– co-founder of the Internationalists and member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab. Sunbathing beauties argue the merits of the new privacy hedge while the paparazzi snap pictures in the Hollywood Hills. The hysterical ending has us asking, are the hedges designed to keep people from seeing in or from seeing out?

Just Your Average G.I. Joe directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann– Artistic Director of Wide Eyed Productions and starring the playwright as Justin, a hawkish war vet pushed to give his unique view on yellow ribbons. This monologue play was part of Bogard's award-winning triptych, Plays for the Sunni Triangle.

First Base Coach directed by Neil Fennell, Award Winning director from University of Northern Colorado. Nine year-old Ben meets 11 year-old Amy for a date on the baseball field. He's been instructed on how to get a girl to first base, but he's not exactly sure what he's supposed to do once they get there. Lucky for him, Amy knows the score. Remember your first time on first?

Jerome Via Satellite (premiere) directed by Justin Ness. It's 8,000 miles from Dallas to Baghdad, and it's been two years since Jerome has seen his family back home. Now #1 cable news show, "The Spin Cycle," is proud to reunite them through a video satellite feed. Millions of viewers are watching live, and they're going to see a good deal more than the network promos promised they'd see.


"[Bogard] must hear dialogue rather than create it. . ... [He] knows his characters and writes them well." - Sarah Happel -

"It's pretty rare to see a political piece that responds to events in wholly original ways, and audiences are as likely to be offended as moved by Bogard's work." -- Anthony Nelson,

Produced by Shortened Attention Span and Wide Eyed Productions.

About the Company: Wide Eyed Productions

Wide Eyed Productions is a New York-based collective dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the creation of risk-taking, relevant theatre. Through a core ensemble committed to both the birth of contemporary works and the rebirth of classic texts, it is our goal through collaborative process to discover and create new theatre that stimulates the imagination and awakens the public's passion for high standards in performing arts.

Open:   01/22/09
Close:   02/07/09

Thursday - Saturday 8 PM.
One (1) matinee' on Sunday, Jan 25th, 3 PM (followed immediately by a talkback with Martin Denton).
Theater:   Players Loft
Address:   115 MacDougal Street
New York, NY
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Subway Info: Take the A, C, E or F train to West 4th Street

Cost:$18, $15 students and seniors
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