Genre: Comedy, Drama, Festival, Other
Robert Maley, Ashley Michael Rogers, Kimberly Ong, Tom Messner, Beth Derochea, Erik Christian Hanson

The Keagan Theatre Company presents its first Annual Festival of One-Act Plays; which opens on February 11th at 8:00 p.m. The evening offers a diverse and unusual range of works to captivate and entertain. Fourteen company actors take part in this highly theatrical and thought provoking exploration. The Keagan One-Act Festival was designed to celebrate and support the achievement of emerging playwrights and directors.

 In the Shade of a Blue Umbrella  by Robert Maley, directed by Ellery Schaar

 The Loan  by Burton E. Swartz, directed by StephenRiscica

Cut from the Same Cloth by Ashley Michael Rogers, directed by Alexander Orbovich

 Chances Are by Kimberly Ong, directed by Rob Anderson

 My Last Ten Minutes On Earth by Tom Messner, directed by Stephen Riscica

 Wishful Thinking by Beth Derochea, directed by John Hawthorne Smith

Take My Breath Away by Ashley Michael Rogers, directed by John Hawthorne Smith

 A Writer's Imagination by Erik Christian Hanson, directed by Ellery Schaar

 Featuring:Claire Levin, Rob Bradford, Laura King, Patrick Barry, Kate Dickson, Thomas Mitchum Amy Miller, Caroline Eckman, Adam Leong, Adrian Kelly, Karen Braun, Nandini Sonnad, .Jeanine Brinell: Stage Manage: Nicole Stoica, Lights & Sound

Open:   02/11/09
Close:   02/14/09

February 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th @8:00 p.m.
Theater:   Richmond Shepard Theatre
Address:   309 E. 26th Street (between 1st & 2
New York, NY
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Cost:15 or Call: at 212.684.2690
Presented by: the keagan theatre company         Official Web Site: