Genre: Drama, Dance, Festival
Written by Mikuni Yanaihara
Translated by Aya Ogawa and Kameron Steele
Adapted by, Artistic Director, Dan Safe

The play was partly inspired by a 1980 Japanese Anime series by Hiroshi Sasagawa, "Maeterlinck's Blue Bird: Tyltyl and Mytyl's Adventurous Journey," which was in turn is based on the famous 1908 play by Maurice Maeterlinck. "Now we are bringing it back into a Western culture," says Dan Safer, comparing the process to "a snake biting its own tail." He adds, "We will allow ourselves to be fascinated by what's foreign about it; colliding with the script."

 "The Blue Bird" will be performed by Sam Pinkleton, Laine Retmer, Mike Mikos, Aubrey Chamberlin, Abigail Browde, Orion Taraban, Joe Baker, Damaris Webb, Randy Thompson, Sam Pinkleton, and Wil Petre. Guest artists will include Neal Medlyn, Clarinda Maclow, Randolph Curtis Rand, Laura Berlin Stinger and more. Set and lights are designed by Jay Ryan. Sound design is by Ryan Maeker. Costume design is by Laura Berlin Stinger. Video and Projection Design are by Kaz Phillips.

Mikuni Yanaihara (playwright) is a choreographer and director of Nibroll (, a company she created in 1997. Since high school, when she began to dance, Yanaihara has won numerous awards for her work, including the NHK Award at a national high school dance competition. After graduating from university with a degree in dance, Yanaihara turned her sights on film and enrolled in film school. She has taken Nibroll to a range of festivals including the Oregon Dance Festival, the San Francisco Butoh Festival, and the Berlin Fusion Festival..



About the Company: Witness Relocation

Witness Relocation combines dance and theater with the energy of a rock show, exploding contemporary culture into intensely physical, outrageous, poetic, and sometimes brutal performances in order to question the assumptions of the modern day experience.

Started in 2000 and led by director/choreographer Dan Safer, the critically acclaimed, award winning company has made over 10 original productions, engaged in a 2 year residency at Patravadi Theater in Bangkok, performed in night clubs, theaters, rock videos and Thai soap operas. Lately they work in the US and internationally.

Open:   01/07/09
Close:   01/24/09

Performances run January 7 to 24, 2009
First week: Wed-Sat at 7:30 pm; Sun at 3:00 pm
Second + Third weeks: Wed-Sat at 7:30 pm
Theater:   Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center
Address:   107 Suffolk Street
New York, NY
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Cost:$18 General Admission
$12 Students
Buy Tickets Online or Call: SmartTix at 212-868-4444
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