Genre: Comedy, Musical
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Book and lyrics by Arthur Riordan and music by Bell Helicopter, directed by Lynne Parker

59E59 Theaters (Elysabeth Kleinhans, Artistic Director; Peter Tear, Executive Producer) is thrilled to welcome Dublin, Ireland's Rough Magic Theatre Company in their US premiere with their masterful wartime musical comedy. IMPROBABLE FREQUENCY is a joyously surreal satire that lifts the lid on Ireland's fragile neutrality during World War II and cuts to the heart of the tempestuous, can't-live-with-'em-can't-live-without-'em affair with its nearest neighbor, Britain.

While war rages across Europe, Dublin revels in its knife-edge neutrality as the fledgling Irish Free State tries to remain open for business. A hotbed of political and cultural bohemians, the city is host to a volatile mixture of exiled intellectuals, literary bar-lizards, British spies and Nazi sympathizers.

When coded messages, broadcast during an Irish radio-requests show, draw the attention of the British, a young code breaker called Tristram Faraday is sent across the Irish Sea to investigate. His enquiries lead him into a series of deeply improbable encounters, where the truth is more improbable than anyone could have imagined.

There are subversive agents to placate, comely maidens to seduce, and a plot fizzing with deals, capers and extraordinary war-time conspiracies. IMPROBABLE FREQUENCY is a madcap, anarchic poke at the real and imaginary howlers of history which showcases writer Arthur Riordan's delight in the rough and tumble of words, orchestrated from vaudeville to cabaret through Bell Helicopter's jauntily witty score.

Preview:   11/28/08
Open:   12/04/08
Close:   01/04/09

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