Genre: Classical, Drama
by Judith Malina and Hanon Reznikov

Published in 1847, the "Prose Poem," as Poe called it, lays out with astonishing forethought what has since come to be called the Big Bang Theory. The Living Theatre has adapted Poe's text to a theatrical form, which will provide the audience with an awareness of participating actively in the creation of the universe and realize the parallel between the development of the elements of the cosmos and our own human development.

Eureka! was conceived and written by Hanon Reznikov when he read Poe's text - but he did not live to finish the task. Judith Malina, his collaborator and the director of the play completed the script.

The purpose of the play is to provide the audience with a sense of empowerment. By participating in the creation of the known universe we communicate the possibility of creating a more harmonious social structure. 'Eureka!' joins nearly one hundred Living Theatre productions created since 1951, all of which seek to expand our knowledge of the universe.

The cast of Eureka! features Anthony Sisco as Edgar Allan Poe, Silas Inches as Alexander von Humboldt, Gene Ardor, Yasemin Ozumerzifon, Eric Olson, Maia Larraz, Erin Downhour, Kennedy Yanko, Enoch Wu, Katherine Nook, Isaac Scranton, Eitan Brigantonelli, and you the audience.

The Assistant Director is Brad Burgess. Set & Lighting Designer is Gary Brackett, Technical Direction is by Evan True. Choreography is by Gene Ardor.

About the Company: The Living Theatre

The Living Theatre (19 Clinton St.), the oldest experimental theatre group still exisiting in the country, will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of THE CONNECTION by playwright Jack Gelber with a new production directed by Judith Malina. The Living Theatre will present the 50th anniversary revival of THE CONNECTION in collaboration with New York City jazz musician Rene McLean, who will conduct a New York jazz ensemble. The Production will begin performances on December 30, 2008 and will continue until Feburary 13, 2009. Judith Malina directs.

The groundbreaking production of The Connection (1959) attracted national attention for its shocking portrayal of drug addiction and its equally unexpected language. It was an enormous success for its improvisational style of acting and its exciting use of live jazz musicians including Jackie McLean, Freddie Redd (who composed the original score), Cecil Payne, Kenny Drew, Tina Brooks and Cecil Taylor. Martin Sheen, a Living Theatre supporter and board member, launched his career with his work in the play. The show won several Obies and ran for more than 700 performances. Its raw immediacy and demolition of the normal boundaries between audience and cast influenced generations of theatre productions and it is our desire to reintroduce this seminal work to a new generation of actors and jazz musicians and of course our audience.

Open:   10/01/08
Close:   11/09/08

Performances are on Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m.; Sundays at 4 p.m.The production involves audience interaction, so there are no seats and each performance can only accommodate 50 people.
Theater:   Living Theatre
Address:   21 Clinton Street
New York,
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Cost:$20 , $15 for students, and seniors.
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