Genre: Comedy, Drama
Written by Paul Weissman, Directed by Marc Adam Smith & Tina Trimble

Two stores. Four broken souls. One night that will change everything...

PAPER THIN - Clark has just finished performing another set in what seems to be an endless series of sleepy Midwest towns when yet another groupie comes knocking on his door. Instinct tells him to let it be... but when has he ever listened to his instincts?

FAMILY VALUES - Jason is just passing through on his way to an office supply convention when he encounters local "celebrity" Amanda. They meet, they make out... then their worlds are turned hilariously upside down by an errant phone call and a pocket rocket.

About the Company: Point Of You Productions
Point of You Productions is a not-for-profit theatre company that performs original or classical works with specific allusions to current events or societal inclinations. Point of You Productions is governed by a panel of Officers and has an Ensemble of artists who write, direct, design, stage manage, perform, etc. Every member is capable and encouraged to try all aspects of production.

Cast: Louise Flory

Open:   10/09/08
Close:   10/25/08

Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8:00pm (please note: opens on Thursday, 10/9)
Theater:   Sanford Meisner Theatre
Address:   164 11th Ave. (East Side of 11th Av
New York, NY
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Marlise Garde Maggie in PAPER THIN

Marlise Garde comes to Point of You from the balmy climes of New Mexico, where she learned the valuable life lessons of wrangling sheep and guarding your face in a fistfight. This is her seventh production with Point of You, and she recently appeared in the film CIA News. Marlise, often referred to as the LeBron James of stage acting, would like to thank her friends, family and colleagues — without their support, she would simply be the Stephon Marbury of stage acting. Special thanks go to G, T and the Homo Rodeo Queen!

Johnny Blaze Leavitt Jason in FAMILY VALUES
Johnny Blaze Leavitt is the Executive Director and one of the founding members of Point of You Productions. While focusing much of his time ensuring the artists (both ensemble members and guests) are provided with every opportunity to explore their craft, Johnny is also diligent in his own areas of interest: performing and playwrighting. While a colorful character on his own, Johnny is honored to be working with and learning from an impressive collection of artists and is always seeking new talent, new materials, and new innovations to incorporate in future productions.
Gerard J. Savoy Clark in PAPER THIN

A native New Yorker, Gerard is a graduate of Tisch School of the Arts. “G” has played an assortment of characters in everything ranging from Shakespeare to Shepard. He’s also fond of building sets. Recent credits include Borrachio in Much Ado About Nothing, The Father in Deadtime Stories, Carnforth Greville in A Midwinter's Tale, The Big Bad Wolf in both LoveSmacked and The Fairy Tale Monologues, Jasper Briegle in Jeff Love's South End, and Master Anthony in Johnny Blaze Leavitt’s Hurt So Good. Thanks to T & M & L for their patience and understanding with the process. I am a better actor and man as a result.