Genre: Comedy
By Hanoch Levin, Directed by Riv Massey, Dramaturg Bethany Larsen

The Milk Can Theatre Company is proud to presents a staged reading of Heffetz, a biting black comedy by the prominent and prolific Israeli dramatist and director, Hanoch Levin. A seemingly straight forward domestic drama, the play revolves around themes of power and humiliation, marriage and suicide, politics, statehood, and the utter beauty and ultimate futility of life in a complicated world. The indomitable Tayglach and Clemensaya, along with their incredibly perfect daughter Phogra, taunt and torture their distant relative Heffetz until he reaches his breaking point. A tired waitress, a hypochondriac best friend and a mysterious sooth-sayer each serve in their own way to push Heffetz toward his inevitable end in this new adaptation of Levin's 1972 work. Directed by Riv Massey, dramaturg Bethany Larsen, with performances by Ellen Hada, Amanda Hopper, Adam Hyland, Chris Kloko, Lesley Miller, Collin Smith, Leal Vona, and Amy Windle.
About the Company: The Milk Can Theatre Company

Founded in the summer of 2003, The Milk Can Theatre Company is a collective of playwrights and directors who develop and produce new plays through readings, workshops, full productions and ten-minute play festivals.

 Our structured development process results in work that finds humor in the unexpected, excites the audience's imagination and explores the complexity of the human experience.  

Open:   10/20/08
Close:   10/20/08

Monday, October 20th at 7 pm. No reservations required
Theater:   Roy Arias Theaters
Address:   300 W. 43rd Street 5th Floor
New York, NY 10036
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