Genre: Comedy
Written By Ben Alexander, Directed by Richard Kent Green

"WEIRD" follows the story of Doreen (Clare Patterson), a young, Catholic-college freshman who inadvertently discovers she has a powerful desire to spank her roommate Jill (Alexandra Devin). After searching for a way to get cured of this "WEIRD" problem, including a consultation with her psychology professor, Lawrence Havemayer (Fred Velde), Doreen reaches out to an online confidante, earthy novelist Vancouver Pengirl (Christine Verleny), who guides Doreen to the "Spanks-A-Lot Chat Forum." She gets advice and support from the chat room moderator, Le Chavalier, and more than one playful threat of a good spanking from web denizens Leatherman (Nelson Lugo) and Rosey-Bottom (Sauda Jackson). Life on campus turns scandalous when Doreen learns Le Chevalier's real identity and accidently spills the beans to her roommate, Jill (Alexandra Devin), who just happens to be dating the sensationalistic editor of the student paper.
About the Company: Workshop Theater Company

Now in its 13th season, the WorkShop Theater Company specializes in the development of new plays. The company also nurtures the talents of actors, playwrights and directors with the presentation of readings and workshops as well as fully staged plays, and musicals. The company’s two-theater complex on 36th Street includes the 65-seat main stage theater and the 35-seat Jewel Box theater. The award-winning film, FINDING NEVERLAND, began as the stage play “THE MAN WHO WAS PETER PAN” by ALLAN KNEE presented by the WorkShop Theater Company in 1998. The WorkShop has also presented premiere productions of the plays “Angel Wings” by Murray Schisgal (who is best known for “Luv” and the screenplay of Tootsie) and “1348” by Tom Dulack (author of the Off-Broadway hit “Breaking Legs”). For more information on the WorkShop Theater Company and their 2007 season lineup, please visit

Open:   09/24/08
Close:   10/04/08

Wednesdays Through Saturdays at 8pm, September 24th-October 4th, 2008
Theater:   Workshop Theater
Address:   312 West 36th Street
New York, NY
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Cost:$15.00, $12.00 Students and Seniors
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