Genre: Classical, Comedy
by Amelia Bassano Lanier (a.k.a William Shakespeare), director Stephen Wisker

The Dark Lady Players, one of the world's most experimental Shakespeare companies, perform the allegorical level of the Shakespearean plays to show that they were written by England's only Jewish poet the so-called 'Dark Lady', Amelia Bassano Lanier (1569-1645). Living as a hidden Jew (a Marrano or Converso) she was mistress to the man in charge of the English theater and the first woman in England to publish a book of original poetry.
This retelling of AYLI highlights the two characters called Jaques/Jakes (Elizabethan for toilet), and the character whose pocket watch identifies him as Sir John Harrington, the inventor of the flush toilet! The play turns out to be a Jewish toilet joke written using double allegories. What are these characters, a dunghill, and many references to excrement doing in this play? Why does As You Like It end with Jaques warning that Noah's flood is coming? Why are there other flood references, like Hercules cleansing the Augean stables of manure? Why does Touchstone go off to the ark with Audrey, who is named after St Ethelreda, the woman who was saved from a flood? Could this be the Last Day? And who is Touchstone (in Greek the basanos)?Could he be an allegory for Amelia Bassano herself?

About the Company: Dark Lady Players

 The Dark Lady Players perform the underlying allegories in the Shakespearean plays, showing that they are comic religious satires. This raises a profound question about how such parodies could have got into the plays, which leads to the latest authorship theory, that  a major author of the plays was the Dark Lady, the experimental poet Amelia Bassano Lanier.

Cast: Kate Murray, Kirsta Peterson, Jen Browne, Donna Lazar, Emily Moment, Sarah Jadin, Lindsay Tanner, Daniela Dakic
Open:   07/20/08
Close:   08/03/08

Show times are as follows;

Sunday 20 July at 4.30pm
Saturday 26 July at 3.45pm
Sunday 3 August at 7.30pm

Theater:   Where Eagles Dare Theatre
Address:   347 W. 36th St. ground floor
New York, NY 10018
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Ashley Diane Currie is ecstatic to be playing a woman again. She was educated at The Atlantic Acting Conservatory, where their use of common sense and vulgarity made her feel quite at home. She's studied with Scott Zigler, William H Macy and David Mamet. Her favorite roles have included Natasha in Make Believe (her most recent role), Cassius in Julius Caesar and Josephine in the short film The Duel with Elwood Gentry Productions, official selection Secret City Film Festival 2008. She has also acted with the sketch comedy groups spurn and Mind Bleach. Love to Mom, Dad, brothers David and Bryan, and everyone else who makes her smile. Remember, folks, don't throw flowers, just throw money!




New York Blood and The Blue Moon (2009).

Last year she was seen in Bitch Macbeth at the

 Brick Theater, and the Dark Lady Players’ two

productions of As You Like It; the Big Flush. She has

a BA in Theatre and French from Pomona College,

trained at RADA and spent a year training at the

Jacques Lecoq International theater school in Paris.