Genre: Comedy, Musical
Why Leave Your Future Up To Fate? A World Premiere Original Musical by Marc Castle, Dir. Igor Goldin

A story about transformation and taking chances, Love, Incorporated follows Faith Stillman, a young entrepreneur, as she makes the leap into the dating scene after years of climbing the corporate ladder, roping in the unlikely companions of her head-turning, sassy neighbor and an out-of-work actor. After years of playing it nice as the smart, sweet, and seriously single career woman, Faith Stillman did what any ordinary gal would do to find a date in the big city: create a business plan and incorporate.
Phase 1: "Research & Development." Rent a Midtown office. Hire assistants.
Phase 2: "Determine strategic initiatives." Generate a dossier on Dream Man. Dye hair blonde & buy heels.
Phase 3: "Dinner Date." Finesse the buyer. Sing a musical number.

With twists and turns right down to the very end, this fresh, fast-paced and fiercely-funny musical comedy takes a brand-new approach on a not-so classic love story.

Open:   08/01/08
Close:   08/10/08

Friday, Aug. 1st at 8pm
Saturday, Aug. 2nd at 8pm
Sunday, Aug. 3rd at 7pm
Monday, Aug. 4th at 7pm
Wednesday, Aug. 6th at 2pm
Thursday, Aug. 7th at 8pm
Friday, Aug. 8th at 4pm
Saturday, Aug. 9th at 2pm
Sunday, Aug. 10th at 2pm
Theater:   TBG Theater, Main Space
Address:   312 west 36th Street, 3rd Fllor
New York, NY 10018
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