Genre: Comedy
Auth:Alan Arkin,Elaine May,Edward Allan Baker. Dirs.:Jacqueline Landgraf,Vin Berardi,David Fuhrer

CRIMINAL ACTS: An evening of comedic one act plays about crooks and
liars and their pursuit of the American Dream
VIRTUAL REALITY by Alan Arkin. Two hired men, strangers and complete opposites are waiting for the big drop off of a mystery package. One misstep could mean their lives.
THE WAY OF ALL FISH, by Elaine May. A lowly secretary attempts to extort her rich, high society boss.
MAFIA ON PROZAC, by Edward Allan Baker. Two aging hitmen contemplate life, death and their dreams while deciding the fate of a man they kidnapped.

CAST and CREW: VIRTUAL REALITY features Joshua Rivedal and Daniel Zen. THE WAY OF ALL FISH features Amy Blitz and Sharon Johnson. MAFIA ON PROZAC features Hugh Scully, Frank Schiavone and Daniel Zen.

Open:   06/26/08
Close:   06/28/08

Thursday, June 26th; Friday, June 27th, and Saturday June 28th at 7pm
Theater:   Nuyorican Poets Cafe
Address:   236 East 3rd Street
New York,
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Cost:$15.50 through TheatreMania, $18 at the door
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