Genre: Drama
©Dave McCracken
A new drama by Dave McCracken

FEVER is set on a scorching desert landscape. Under a relentless sun, two great warriors and mortal enemies, Atrox and Bonitas, have momentarily retired to their corners. Atrox enlists a handsome young soldier to his cause, the seduction and capture of Bonitas.

FEVER is about the battle between good and evil for the very souls of mankind. Loosely based on a classic by Sophocles, FEVER tells the story of two legendary Generals who clash in a desperate struggle to win the soul and affections of a young man while determining whether the fate of all mankind will continue in light and truth or wither in darkness and deception.

Cast: Miguel Belmonte, Rick Lattimer

Open:   05/21/08
Close:   07/05/08

Wens.-Sat. at 8 p.m.
Theater:   Dionysus Theater
Address:   270 W. 36th Street
New York, NY
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Company: Djm Productions         Official Web Site: www.bodyonsoulonstage.com
Before relocating to NYC, Greg was a regular on FOX 59 Morning Television in Indianapolis, IN. This is his lucky 13th production in NYC. Since 2003, he has appeared at Lincoln Center, Roses Turn, the Gene Frankel Theatre and the Kraine among others. He can currently be seen in the independent film JADED, making the festival route. He's presently repped by H/H Talent. His performance is dedicated to Ted Bundy.