Genre: Drama
written by Tennessee Williams; directed by Terry Schreiber

The Night of the Iguana, directed by Terry Schreiber, is a compassionately told romance of the lost who are fighting the uphill battle to find dignity and redemption out of their trampled lives. The play celebrates the survival instinct in mankind and the "need to go on."

Arthur Miller said about this Williams work: "His theme is, perhaps, the most pervasive in American literature, where people lose greatly in the very shadow of the mountain from whose peak they might have had a clear view of God. It is the romance of the lost, yet sacred misfits who exist in order to remind us of our own trampled instincts, our forsaken tenderness, the holiness of the spirit of man."

Tennessee Williams stated: "I am a heretic. I am a believer in God, but I am a hysterical believer in God. I don't believe any of our formal religions have given us the true image of God. I don't go to a church. God is the size of the universe and in the nature of the universe, we don't know the nature of the universe. We don't know God. There are certain elements and they exist in God. He is superior to us in magnitude and mystery, but He is not superior to us in cases of good and evil. There is good and evil, but they are not people."

Preview:   02/21/08
Open:   02/29/08
Close:   03/30/08

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Theater:   Gloria Maddox Theatre
Address:   151 West 26th Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10001
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